Today, black people are going into business in increasing numbers. According to a recent article in US News & World Report, there were 20% more Black-owned businesses in Q3 2021 than before the pandemic.*

If you are thinking of starting a business or expanding the one you have, now is the perfect time to do so.

Here are five reasons why now is the right time for you to start a business or expand an existing one.

1. People want to help others

One of the things I’m sure of after 22 years in business is that the more conversations you have, the more sales you make.

Buying a product from someone you may know a little about gives the buyer a sense of satisfaction that cannot be matched when buying a product from a big box store.

The future of business is interactive and conversational. For proof of this fact, look no further than how people buy based on what they experience on social media.

Members of the black community feel a special sense of pride and joy when buying from another local black contractor.

People want to do business with other people, and black people want to do business with other black people. Now is the time to leverage it in your business.

2. The world is in your back pocket

There was a time when you needed live access to mentors, hard copies of books, and expensive in-person entrepreneurial training courses to break into the world of entrepreneurship. Today, all the information and mentorship you need is in your back pocket or in your purse in the phone you take wherever you go.

Need a mentor? Follow some of your favorites on social media and learn from their videos.

Need step by step instructions on how to incorporate your business? Log on to the official North Carolina State website and get everything you need.

Need to learn how to apply for and receive national trademark protection? Go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( and find out how.

If you want to start or expand your business and you have a phone, you have no excuse not to fulfill your dream.

3. Automated sales and marketing processes

Today, you can travel with your customers anytime and anywhere by putting your brand in their purse or back pocket.

By using email and text marketing (link to, you can meet your customers where they are 24/7.

While snail mail still has its place, there’s no substitute for the speed and convenience of technology. Tools like Survey Monkey and live video make it easy to create and maintain contact with your brand community. When you use these types of tools consistently, more people discover your products and services and you are able to create an ecosystem that supports endless sales opportunities.

4. Increased opportunities for support and collaboration

The growing number of black entrepreneurs means that there are more and more black people available to participate in high-value promotion and collaboration opportunities.

For example, Alisia Hutchinson of Nxt Big Thing Charlotte hosts the Juneteenth Popup where black-owned businesses can network and sell their wares.

It’s also easier than ever to establish your own collaborations with other local Black entrepreneurs to leverage and build on each other’s success.

5. You can run your business from anywhere

Gone are the days of having to be in a specific location to get things done. Technology allows you to run your business wherever you are in your busy life, making an entrepreneurial lifestyle more accessible to everyone.

While you can’t do it all from a beachside hammock, you can lead meetings, delegate tasks to team members, and move your business forward anywhere you have a phone and good Wi-Fi. -Fi.

This increased mobility gives you the freedom and flexibility to effectively integrate your work and personal life in a way that benefits your customers and your business, as well as you personally.


When I started Indie Business Network, many of my friends told me they wanted to start their own business. None of them did. I had little support, no templates, few tech tools, and the only useful information I had easy access to was in a physical book.

What I had was a vision for my life and a vision of how my product could transform people’s lives. If those two things were enough to get me off to a good start 22 years ago, imagine what you can do with the resources you have today.

If you want it, it’s up to you. You can do it.

Start today.

Let’s talk about it!

Are you looking to start a new business or expand an existing one? How are things going? How do you use the resources available today to improve lives and create the life you want? How can I help you build the business of your dreams?

Send me your questions and comments using this form, or email me anytime at [email protected]

I love hearing from you!

* “Why the Rate of Black Business Ownership Is Going Up”, US News & World Report, April 13, 2022: – the-rate-of-ownership-of-black-businesses-rises-