According to owner Brittany Woitas, 507 Creative Group’s goal is to help clients identify and achieve their business goals.

“Our main goal is to help others create compelling brands,” Woitas said.

“Whether it’s a startup that wants to get out of the door doing everything right and very strategically, or a decades-old multi-million dollar company that needs to refine and refine its plan to keep going. As an industry leader, we can help develop comprehensive brands to connect customers with their ideal audiences.

Judging by her own success, Woitas knows what she’s doing.

Since the founding of 507 Creative Group in fall 2015, Woitas and his team of five have served hundreds of clients in a variety of capacities. They are now reserving until 2022, and Woitas says his company is on the verge of adding another division that will result in the addition of more employees in the coming year.

“We have great things developing right now,” said Woitas, 32.

507 Creative Group, which identifies itself as a full-service yet full-service branding and marketing company, intends to accept clients, with quality production rated No.1.

“I am not prepared to sacrifice the quality or sanity of my team to land this next job,” she said.

“We will only take on a limited number of projects at a time because quality is our top priority, and during our initial conversation with a potential client, we want to make sure there is a great personality.

“If we can really get to know this client well and build a level of trust between us, we are confident that we can do a great job for them. “

Alexa Swindell can attest to this.

The owner of Nolabelle Kitchen & Bar on South Front Street, Swindell opened her restaurant in July 2020.

“But with finalizing a business plan, finding funding, finding a location and building, starting a business is a pretty long process,” Swindell said, saying the process of planning had taken him almost two and a half years.

“Halfway through this phase, I interviewed three marketing agencies because I ultimately wanted to share the message about what I was doing and build excitement for this new business,” Swindell said.

“From the start I felt an immediate affinity with Brittany and knew I had found someone to work with who was like-minded in terms of the thought process.”

Woitas said she starts off the same with every client.

“Our first step is the same every time,” she said. “We lead with a strategic plan, asking you what your goals are and what you are trying to accomplish.

“This is your foundation because too often people are overwhelmed with the many options to market their business and end up pulling in the hip. “

Instead, with the guiding hand of 507 Creative Group, business owners like Swindell benefit from comprehensive company recommendations that point out exactly how to proceed.

“I had a destination and I knew what my end goal was – to use local ingredients for a traditional menu but with a rustic and innovative touch – and Brittany and her team helped me develop the strategic roadmap step by step. to help me get there, ”Swindell said.

“They helped me develop the Nolabelle brand – the feeling it evokes, the colors we use, the people we attract and the methods to attract those people – it’s global.”

507 Creative Group strives to create simple marketing journeys for all of its clients, and Woitas has the knowledge to make it seem easy.

“If your goal is to increase the number of leads by 30% for the next year, we know exactly what to do to increase that marketing number to get you there,” Woitas said. “People won’t have to guess anymore, and it’s unique. “

Down-to-earth work ethic

Woitas grew up contributing to the family farm workforce, Bergemann Farm LLC, southwest of Mankato. His entrepreneurial and business-oriented streak is deep and long.

“When I was about 8, I picked my mother’s vegetables and set up a stall at the end of our aisle to sell them,” Woitas said, admitting that she persuaded her younger sister to support the effort in the manner of Tom Sawyer and this famous chapter of the closing painting.

And when Woitas was 16, she convinced her mother to register as a Mary Kay salesperson so that she could sell the products on her own.

These early experiences exposed Woitas to practical, hands-on skills that she has been using ever since.

“I learned some great sales skills from Mary Kay, and in one of my first jobs out of college I had to go door to door for background and information. people for an investment firm, ”Woitas said.

“It was absolutely terrifying, but it taught me not to be afraid of anything.

“And I’ve learned that everyone sells to some extent, which is invaluable insight as a business owner. But some of the hardest things I’ve done in my life were those first jobs, though I’m very grateful to them now. “

After graduating from Maple River High School, Woitas received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Minnesota, Crookston, while working full time.

“I did this mostly online before online programs were popular,” Woitas said with a laugh.

A few years later, already a marketing veteran, Woitas enrolled in the MBA program at St. Catherine’s University. Her job as a marketing manager for Cabela’s required more travel than was manageable for a graduate student, so she decided to start her own business.

“I was like, ‘This is the perfect time,’ she said, ‘and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

“Everything I learned in my MBA studies I was able to use to build my business.”

Ironically, Woitas never set out to run a large marketing store; her initial wish was to work from a home office and manage projects at her own pace. But she couldn’t dispute the success.

“There was so much demand for my services that I quickly had a three-month waiting list,” Woitas said.

“I decided that I should probably hire people to meet the need that I saw. The growth has happened in a very organic way.

Today, with a team of five and a rustic and attractive office space at 613 N. Riverfront Drive, Woitas is thrilled with how 507 Creative Group has spurred the success of not only her own marketing dream, but also the development of so many other businesses.

Her recent completion, via Harvard Business School, of a crashing nine-week online course focusing on disruptive strategy motivated her even more.

“It was an amazing experience and provided a ton of clarity on how to approach what’s next for 507 Creative Group,” said Woitas, adding that doing group projects with other students around the world was inspiring. and revealing.

“Growing up in this little bubble in southern Minnesota, it was pretty neat.”

507 Creative Group engages clients in a wide variety of industrial fields, including agriculture, construction, healthcare, retail and hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, non-profit organizations and Moreover.

“Working with us is a smart investment,” said Woitas, who is married and has a 14-month-old son.

“Even last year, when the world was pretty crazy, 90% of our customers still exceeded their business goals because we were able to adapt and provide the marketing support they needed.”

Both empathetic and focused, Woitas sees it this way: “These are amazing companies, so it’s nice to know that we have played a role in supporting them through very difficult times.

“Fundamentally, our business goal is to help our customers achieve their business goals. “