Three accounting majors participated in the Marcum Summer Leadership Program, learning more about the accounting field and networking with local professionals and leaders in the field.

June 9, 2022

By Charlotte Bassett ’25, Alex Oppliger ’23 and Giselle Rau ’24

Left to right: Alex Oppliger ’23, Charlotte Bassett ’25 and Giselle Rau ’24 at Marcum.

As part of Marcum LLP’s Summer Leadership Program, three accounting majors from the University of New Haven participated in an entrepreneurial program focused on leadership, personal development and team building. The program, which includes students from top schools across the region, featured a hands-on introduction to the field and a potential career opportunity at Marcum.

One of the nation’s largest independent accounting and consulting firms, Marcum generously supports the University’s accounting program. Anthony Scillia ’79 Regional Managing Partner of the New England Region at Marcum, chairs the university’s Accounting Task Force and is also a member of the university’s Board of Governors.

Throughout the two-day Summer Leadership Program, students learned about Marcum’s story while exploring the field of public accounting. They interacted with Marcum associates, splitting into teams and giving presentations to a team of judges that included Marcum personnel from all levels of the company.

“Marcum’s Summer Leadership Program is a great way for students to be introduced to the world of public accounting before graduation,” said Dawn Meeker ’92, CPA and Practice Partner of and advisory board from Marcum who participated in the program’s partner and judging panels. . “The students at the University of New Haven were well prepared and showed great enthusiasm for our program. We look forward to our future summer leadership programs with students at the University of New Haven.

Below, participating students reflect on their experience in the program.

Charlotte Bassett ’25

The Marcum Summer Leadership program was an amazing experience and insight into the world of accounting. We were able to interact with all kinds of staff, from new hires to managers to corporate associates. We delved into the values ​​and history of Marcum, in particular, as well as the process of transitioning from college to the workforce.

On the second day, we were able to have fun with a scavenger hunt throughout the city of New Haven with a current employee leading each group. Then we continued working on our day one presentations, which focused on Marcum’s core values ​​and what we learned.

What I enjoyed about being exposed to a real accounting firm was talking and connecting with the leaders, which I hope to be one day. Getting to know them as kind enough people opened my eyes, and it was comforting to know that there are people out there who want to help you succeed.

The main thing I learned from the Summer Leadership Program is that if you put yourself forward and try to connect with potential businesses in the accounting field, you can only get good out of it. . Meeting new people in the industry and getting a head start has given me a good base of knowledge on what I hope to do one day.

Marcum showed me this “independent” profession, and although it requires extensive study for the CPA exam and dedicated hours during the first few years of employment, he has an excellent support system within company to help you.

Alex Oppliger’23

I really enjoyed the experience Marcum provided as she was incredibly informative and gave us insight into the field of accounting. We learned about Marcum’s story and the core values ​​they believe in, as well as the work they do to improve the community. I loved learning about the community service work they do and the programs they have created to support their community, like the Marcum Foundation.

Left to right: Charlotte Bassett '25, Giselle Rau '24 and Alex Oppliger '23 are accounting majors at the University.
Left to right: Charlotte Bassett ’25, Giselle Rau ’24 and Alex Oppliger ’23 are accounting majors at the University.

The first day of the program was very informative, allowing us to ask any questions we had. All of the staff were extremely friendly and did a wonderful job of welcoming students into the leadership program.

The staff answered all questions with insight and diligence, making sure the information was accurate and that they concealed their biases. If there was something about the career that the staff didn’t appreciate (like, maybe, long hours during their busy season or preparing for the CPA exam), they didn’t hide that information. . They were honest and told us the truth, which I really appreciated.

The second day was more people-oriented and allowed students to meet more staff on a personal level. We scavenger hunted through New Haven, and ended up having lunch with all the students in the leadership program. This was a team building exercise to help us meet not only Marcum employees, but other students as well.

I enjoyed the whole program, and I don’t regret for a second having attended it!

Giselle Rau ’24

Marcum’s summer leadership program at the New Haven office was a great experience. During this two-day event, we were able to network and socialize with many employees and partners who were able to give us personalized advice. It was nice to get to know people in the office and have a “normal” conversation without being intimidated or overwhelmed.

The second day was an “out of the office” day where we spent the whole day going on a scavenger hunt and playing kickball which was great fun. It was a welcoming environment in which everyone really wanted to know more about us, even outside of the academics.

I had an amazing time learning more about myself and the company. We passed the Birkman method assessment, which tells you about your personality. We also learned about the company’s nine core values. Armed with these values, we made presentations to the firm’s partners. This presentation allowed us to show all that we learned and how grateful we were for this opportunity. They made it interesting by making it a contest and giving out prizes.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I would absolutely recommend it to any accounting or finance major. This two day event was so much fun, and it really touched me in a great way.

Charlotte Bassett ’25, Alex Oppliger ’23, and Giselle Rau ’24 are accounting majors at the University of New Haven.