Avoid the scams of canvassing for a credit redemption

Rethinking the management of your budget

Rethinking the management of your budget

Malicious people pose as the firm during the telephone solicitation, with the aim of recovering from individuals the vouchers for a file. People we can define as crooks. That’s why we wrote this article to protect the consumers of these unprincipled people.

Rethinking the management of your budget, or optimizing by carrying out a credit buyback operation can save you money. The interest rate market has a relatively low policy rate for all central banks in each euro zone country. Historically low interest rates that arouse French interest in wanting to renegotiate their loan contracts at the best rate to reduce the cost of borrowed money.

Although starting a renegotiation of interest rates may create a certain craze for the gain on the transaction, it is imperative to remain vigilant when you get in touch with an external contact.

Telephone canvassing: reminder

Telephone canvassing: reminder

We have all been at least once in our life solicited by phone! What exactly is telephone canvassing?

Telephone canvassing is an action that involves an individual coming into contact with another individual in order to offer a service. In the majority of cases, this is a professional who uses the phone of individuals to sell goods or services. In other words, it is a question of terminating a contract in progress with a provider for another provider theoretically cheaper!

Take for example the telephony sector. Several times a year, it is not uncommon to receive telephone calls from competitors of your operator to offer you a cheaper telephone subscription, and more adapted to your consumption. Private phone soliciting also practiced in the sale of energy (electricity and gas), or in the context of an investigation conducted by an investigative body.

In all cases of telephone canvassing, only professionals are authorized to carry out these actions. For example, investigative bodies are regulated by the enabling legislation on the protection of personal information and electronic documents, etc.

The false practices of credit redemption

The false practices of credit redemption

Phone canvassing is a scam when it comes to proposals to buy credits!

A serious company specializing in the investigation of credit buybacks for individuals does not solicit telephone. Indeed, customer records come from an initiative on the initiative of individuals seeking a buy back credit.

At are the individuals who come to request a purchase of credits to , and not the other way around! does not use telemarketing as a commercial action.

In other words, when someone contacts you to make a proposal to buy loans, run away !!! It’s probably a scam coming from crooks who try to pretend to be a real professional!

According France Info 3 Normandy, the prefecture of the Channel alert on scams offering individuals to buy their credit at a better rate. A scam that starts with a canvassing phone offering you a buy credit at the best rate. Our security advice is to refuse any proposal following a canvassing phone.


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