Established in 2002, Bluescope has built a solid reputation in Australia and around the world. Supplier of steel materials, products, systems and technologies, the brand has grown rapidly in 20 years to become one of the main suppliers of steel on an international scale.

Throughout its lifetime, Bluescope has had an unwavering commitment to environmental protection. The company prides itself on being efficient with resource, energy and water systems that are backed by compliance with environmental laws.

The company responsibly manages shared water resources and manages them sustainably. Bluescope uses recycled water to minimize the use of fresh water and is often cleaned, cooled and recirculated. The steel supplier also seeks to reduce and reuse waste wherever possible and properly dispose of that which cannot be reused.

Bluescope’s strong commitment to the environment and its natural resources is similar to that of an architect worthy of winning the Lifetime Achievement category at the Sustainability Awards. The award is a celebration of those who have sought to remain at the forefront of the built environment, influencing their thought, words and deeds over a long career serving the industry.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is open to an individual, design company or building products company and presented in recognition of outstanding leadership and contribution in the field of sustainability for more than 15 years. It can be a new product innovation, new knowledge or new ways to improve a design that has been judged beyond the everyday with a lasting impact in the construction industry.

The jury will assess how a nominee has demonstrated leadership within the profession, helped advance sustainability in Australia and worked on projects that embrace sustainable design principles. Given the business model adopted by Bluescope, associating with the Lifetime Achievement category is not only the right decision, it made sense.

2022 is shaping up to be another sensational addition to the Sustainability Awards, with the list of winners sure to include a number of staff and projects dedicated to the sustainable cause. Submit yours here.