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Bismarck Public Schools Host New Teacher Orientation

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — The largest group of new teachers and staff at Bismarck Public Schools are busy preparing for the first day of class. BPS held its annual New Teacher Orientation for 140 new staff on Monday.

Here are some of the new teachers and staff who will be working in the Bismarck School District.

“Right away this morning, all of our executive cabinet staff and our school board came to greet them. We had the Gallons of Gratitude, showing their values ​​early on. It’s a tough profession to be in right now, and so to help them feel empowered in this area so they can pass it on to their students as well,” said Tara Olson, from the schools’ innovation department. public of Bismarck.

Danielle Tivis, a sixth-grade teacher at Simle Middle School, is just one of the orientation teachers who mentor new teachers through their first year.

“Just this piece of active engagement, with new educators and to really instill the passion and our reason why we do what we do, and thus shape them,” Tivis said.

The orientation covers teaching methods to help in the classroom and build community within the school district by involving new staff and alumni for mentorship.

“Certainly learning and leaning on the support of my mentor and having the community, and being a big part of the community and having their support is awesome and will be so beneficial for the kids,” said Madison Hendricks, school psychologist. internal.

Sydney Trottier, a new social worker with BPS who attended Bismarck Schools for 12 years, is now excited to see the other side of the school system and grow through her mentorship.

“I think a mentorship program is important because then we learn that it’s okay to stumble and fall, to learn and grow from those experiences, and then to have someone to turn to. when you’re in a whole new role like ours,” Trottier said. .

The mentorship program allows teachers and staff to collaborate on what has worked in their classrooms and help guide new staff.

Bismarck Public Schools had a lot of retirees this year, opened two new buildings, and moved other staff around, which is why there are so many new staff.

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