The past few months should go down in history as a time when Indian startups emerged stronger after proving their worth in the face of a challenge like COVID-19. Amid such testing circumstances, these startups have been seen innovating on a large scale not only to meet rapidly changing consumer demand, but also to make an impact with technology. From facilitating COVID-19 testing and contact tracing to disinfection and vaccinations, startups were integral to India’s fight against the virus.

At the same time, their success and resilience has gone unnoticed as fund houses and venture capitalists have lined up to invest in these companies. According to Your story research, funding for Indian startups reached $ 10.15 billion in the first half of 2021, exceeding the $ 9.94 billion raised over the whole of last year. The amount was raised through 543 transactions with approximately 1,020 investors active in the ecosystem.

Understanding the potential of startups to fuel change across all sectors, Ankur Capital has been an active player in the startup ecosystem by supporting early stage companies on their growth journey. Established in 2014, the venture capital fund not only provides startups with flexible capital, but also helps them connect with industry leaders to build better business models and get advice.

Support startups in their growth journey

Its portfolio acceleration team and venture capital advisors also help startup founders unlock their full potential with their vast experience and knowledge. Under their leadership, these startup founders can attract the right kind of talent, streamline their business processes, refine their strategies, and innovate at scale.

Last year, the venture capital firm launched Ankur Capital Dialogues, a monthly webinar that brings together experts and industry leaders to discuss how technology could drive change in different areas such as change climate and the aquaculture value chain. These conversations highlighted the role technology has played in solving societal problems and the way forward.

As part of this initiative, Ankur Capital will organize the “India Pitch Fest” – a phygital networking and pitching event – to offer start-ups a chance to grow and bring their innovative ideas to life.

With over a billion Indians vaccinated against COVID-19 and people adjusting to the new normal, the world is gradually heating up to hybrid or phygital events. India Pitch Fest will be a hybrid event and will give startup founders from across the country a chance to pitch their ideas to some of the biggest names in the Indian startup ecosystem.

What awaits startups

The recording window closes on October 26, 2021 and the shortlisted startups will be announced on October 27, 2021. The selected startups will be able to present their ideas in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Mumbai at physical events on the 28th and virtually the October 29, 2021. It is supported by other VC ecosystem players such as Capital of Anicut, Eximius companies, Capital of Samyakth, Capital of Java and Upsparks. The technological partner is AWS and the ecosystem partner is An advance.

“At Ankur Capital, we have always appreciated the opportunities to interact with entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. We have tried to give back to the community by sponsoring start-ups with our partner incubators, organizing open office hours in different locations, or supporting industry organizations that form a bridge between businesses and startups. COVID-19 has changed the way we need to serve the startup community. While this made it possible for our expert speakers to be accessible to a wider audience through Ankur Capital Dialogues, the deeper interactions of the in-person pitch events were not as well replicated online, ”said Shiva Shanker, vice-president, Ankur Capital.

Shiva believes that the India Pitch Fest represents an opportunity to bring founders and investors together again, not only to enable more meaningful interactions, but also to lead the acceleration of startups and support their growth. “We look forward to the first edition of the India Pitch Fest later this month and the organization of more such events in the future,” he adds.

India Pitch Fest is open to start-ups from all industries working on innovative solutions and ideas and aiming to disrupt the functioning of consumers, industries and businesses.

If you are part of a startup looking for an opportunity to grow, don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your growth journey. The deadline to apply is October 26, 2021. For more details on the India Pitch Fest, visit: https://t.co/S1vLwbTCip?amp=1