CAW Architects designs colorful Google office near Palo Alto

This colorful Google office designed by California-based CAW Architects is a bold, playful, and nature-filled new home for the tech giant’s family in Mountain View, California.

American architecture studio CAW has just unveiled a colorful Google office in Mountain View, California, near Palo Alto. Design, a new home for part of the tech giant’s services, is a workspace flooded with light and playfulness. It is designed to “promote well-being at work, while presenting Google’s priorities for workplace design,” explain the architects based in Palo Alto.

The architects worked around a number of key principles – a series of architectural gestures that promote the primary approach to office design and the client’s ethics. “Biophilic design or biophilia”, explains the team, who flooded the space with references to nature and plantations, and created a signature green wall in one of the main common spaces for the employees. AddLife plant designer Sara Schoenberger worked with CAW Architects to develop a color palette and organize a family of species for the design, to create the right effect and environment for people and nature.

The architects also included a mural by artist Strider Patton – highlighting the concept of collaboration as another key driver of the overall design. The room is located in the kitchen corner, woven into the living wall of Schoenberger. This not only creates an alternate focal point for the room, but also allows the eye to travel, creating an impression of additional spatial bounty, in what is actually a fairly compact space.

Another central part of the design task was the provision of natural light. The space is long and sinks deep into the slab of the building, with the entrance and front facade being one of the few areas that can let in sunlight. lightweight for traveling. “The now dynamic, yet modest lobby appears like a light-refracting prism deep into the building and is washed in varying colors throughout the day depending on the angle of the changing sun,” say the architects. Meanwhile, smart lighting design and skylights in the canteen ensure that this area is also bright and cozy.

The TCA made intelligent use of dichroic film, color, light and nature throughout the process; from promoting wellness to creating a referral strategy, it’s all wrapped up in a unique and strong approach that defines this playful and colorful Google desktop interior design. §