Credit redemption: the solution to banking exclusion

This began in nineteen seventy, the government requires citizens living in France to open at least one bank account. In reality, it is not a matter of imposing something as an obligation, but rather of an entire economic system that imperatively requires banking to be able to manage its money more calmly on a daily basis.

Why is there an obligation to bank?

Why is there an obligation to bank?

What does it mean to be banked? Being banked means having a bank account. This is to subscribe to banking services offered by a bank. First of all, to open a bank account for the management of money, obtain a bank card to make immediate or deferred credit payments, or make transfers from one account to another, but also use the account management services on the internet, In other words, we can say that without an open bank account, it is very difficult, or even impossible to live ordinarily!

As a result, banks play a very important role with individuals. They must give them a service allowing them simple management of their monthly or annual budget. Although online banking is modernizing by offering more and more efficient services in order to reach a result that will no longer require the physical contact of a human advisor, the appointment at the agency with his banker is always preferred by the French.

Takeover of credit: fight against banking exclusion

Takeover of credit: fight against banking exclusion

Bank exclusion what is it? Bank exclusion is a sign of weak budget management. It is also synonymous for the particular difficult financial situation and management of bank accounts encountering major difficulties.

A situation that comes from different bank charges charged by banks to their customers for malfunctioning accounts. This concerns, in particular, the fees for the rejection of withdrawals or checks without any funds, or the costs invoiced in the event of exceeding the authorized overdraft, but also the invoicing of intervention fees when a debit transaction is validated while the cash are not sufficient on my account.

The more the account situation is degraded, the more the amount of the invoiced fees increases and the more the account holder in question sees his debt increased. To avoid falling into a situation of excessive debt, see over-indebtedness, the purchase of credit helps fight against this scourge which is the banking exclusion.


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