The recent Forum article touting the efforts of Connecticut car dealerships on electric vehicle adoption is self-serving hypocrisy and a complete lie. A few years ago, those same dealers were successful in blocking out Telsa Connecticut showrooms. More than anyone else, these dealerships have hampered the adoption of electric vehicles in our state.

Tesla is by far the most advanced EV on the market. When Connecticut residents want to test drive a Tesla, they have to travel to New York or Massachusetts. When I bought a Tesla, I did it online. There was no intermediate local dealer to take a cut. I have had my Tesla for four years and my maintenance and repair costs are limited to one annual visit. Updates are all performed automatically over the Internet at no cost.

In my opinion, the Connecticut auto dealers are trying to build a ditch around the sinking ship. GM, Ford and the rest still operate on a business model developed in the 1950s. No one needs private dealerships with their hugely expensive sellers, warranties, add-ons, and mechanics.

The future belongs to electric vehicle companies starting with a clean slate. Tesla developed the business model: develop an efficient battery and design the vehicle as a computer on wheels with minimal moving parts. Put corporate showrooms in every state or metropolitan area, with no vendors, no commissions. Sell ​​the vehicle online for a fixed price with a few additions. Tesla set the standard, but there are other EV companies in various stages of development.

Shame on the newspaper for publishing this misleading article about Connecticut car dealerships. How about an investigation into the continued and successful blockade of Tesla showrooms by this cabal in our state?

Richard Mangi

Havre du Nord