Sri Lanka’s No. 1 bank, Bank of Ceylon, celebrates its 83rd anniversary today. The Bank will celebrate the occasion starting with a multi-religious ceremony at the Bank’s head office with the participation of distinguished guests comprised of customers and supporters.

The event will be held under the patronage of the Bank’s President, Kanchana Ratwatte, Members of the Bank’s Board of Directors, Managing Director, KED Sumanasiri, General Management and Management and Bank officials. Alongside the ceremony, the branch network will also celebrate this milestone on its own premises with the participation of customers and supporters.

To mark this special day, BOC will symbolically launch the “My Health” account emphasizing its spirit of innovation by offering new added values ​​to customers. In addition, the Bank will also launch BOC Foreign Circle, a specialized unit aimed at delivering superior quality to overseas-based clients.

Also noteworthy was the opening of the newly renovated Bank’s 1st historically significant branch at 41, Bristol Street, Colombo 1, known as the ‘City Office’ on the same day.

BOC Chairman Kanchana Ratwatte said, “I think it is a commendable achievement for a corporate brand to reach its 83rd anniversary in its journey. As an industry pioneer and dedicated corporate citizen, Bank of Ceylon (BOC) commemorates this day with humility. With a rich heritage that has evolved with Sri Lankan culture, and as the country’s No. 1 bank, BOC’s goal has always been to enrich the lives and livelihoods of Sri Lankan citizens. Therefore, innovation and moves towards digitalization are an organic process within the bank. I wish to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers and all other stakeholders on behalf of the Bank for the trust placed in the bank and the inspiration given to continue the Bank’s legacy”.

“Our journey as the No.1 bank in the country has always been challenging, yet inspiring,” said Bank of Ceylon Managing Director KED Sumanasiri.

“We have to thank all of our staff in particular, including those who were there from the start, our loyal customers and our valued stakeholders for laying the foundations on which the Bank could build solidly and steadily to survive and thrive. even during difficult times. Bank of Ceylon ensures that it upholds the values ​​on which it was built and ensures that it has a strong footing both locally and internationally. As the largest bank that boasts of an asset base that exceeds four trillion rupees, BOC ensures that it redistributes its wealth to improve the welfare of the country, through a strong branch network and interconnected digital and a portfolio of products developed to meet the needs of the population. needs of our customers 24 hours a day, wherever they are. We have implemented new initiatives such as “SME Circle” and “Export Circle” taking a step to further develop entrepreneurship within local SMEs and export sectors. This was an extension of BOC’s decision to help customers through specialized dealership programs overcome the ongoing economic challenges that have occurred in recent times. As a leading financial institution, we are also committed to building a financially and digitally inclusive community aimed at making a positive impression on the economy. Sumanasiri added.

Since the Bank’s inception, with the opening of its first branch, the “City Office Branch”, Bank of Ceylon has expanded its presence to include a network of 649 branches and 1,415 ATMs, CDMs and CRMs across the country . Its overseas presence includes branches in Chennai, Malé, Hulhu-Malé, Seychelles and a banking subsidiary in London. BOC has systematically established its roots in all facets of banking and finance, simultaneously building a strong affiliation with the international banking network. Thanks to these strong ties, BOC is the market leader in trade finance and inbound remittances in Sri Lanka.

Adopting the latest digital banking technologies, the Bank has successfully embarked on green banking where it has adapted strategies to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its use of renewable energy. BOC has developed its strategic green banking initiatives in line with UN SDG guidelines to ensure that the desired value is generated for all stakeholders.

Being recognized by Brand Finance Lanka as the No. 1 banking brand in the country with a brand value of over Rs. 53 billion, Bank of Ceylon boasts of a strong balance sheet with assets worth over Rs. 4 trillion and deposits of over Rs. 3 trillion.

The British magazine “The Banker” named Bank of Ceylon as the “Bank of the Year 2021” and also recognized it among the “1000 best banks” in the world with a national ranking at the first rank, always by the magazine “The Bankers”. , UK.

“SLIM-Kantar People’s Awards 2022”, awarded Bank of Ceylon the “People’s Service Brand of the Year 2022” and the “People’s Banking Service Brand of the Year 2022”, which are two important awards during the ceremony based on popular vote. .