LIVERPOOL, England and NEW YORK, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global employer branding agency Ph.Creative has launched an exciting new recruitment technology company with a flagship website SaaS platform careers at the corporate level. ‘happy dance‘ is poised to disrupt an industry that Ph.Creative says has underinvested in and neglected job websites in favor of the larger technology products needed to drive an end-to-end recruiting process.

“Happy Dance evolved from the tools we use to meet the employer branding needs of our client partners,” says Jim Taylor MD, of the new venture. “We’ve been building engaging, responsive websites for years and realized there was a major gap in the market that we could fill: an enterprise-level SaaS that didn’t health test. mental health of its users with less than adequate administration and positively zero design thinking.”

Happy Dance was originally built by Ph.Creative for its own use. “We had perfected the system to the point that it was so intuitive, so easy to use, launching as a standalone system made sense. the dark. In contrast, we come from an agency world designed to be responsive and accommodating. That’s what we do for a living, after all.

“We’ve seen and heard so many horror stories from employer brand managers and talent about the systems they’ve tied themselves to – the hidden costs, clunky interfaces, outrageously bad SEO, and downtimes. deadly slow loading times,” Taylor continues. “We felt like we had to do something to help. I mean, why don’t you?

Happy Dance is a SaaS product, refined with input from over 20 F500 founding customers including Dominos, DAZN, King Games, and Tipico, and it’s ready to launch.

“This technology is above anything else in the talent acquisition market, and when you mix that with the world-class design capability, the results are a 10x improvement. I’ve used it in my last 2 companies, and I’d highly recommend it to high-performance conscious TA managers.” Graeme Johnson, Chief Talent Officer of Merlin Entertainment Group

Happy Dance offers talent and brand attraction leaders a flexible career website design with all the features, functions, and integration options companies need to manage the candidate experience at scale. Additionally, the CMS (Content Management System) has a true next-gen capability to analyze and rank content based on bias, sentiment and readability, as well as SEO; all integrated into the admin controls.

Users benefit from all the tricks learned over the years in this sector. Happy Dance puts it all at your fingertips, maximizing the inclusivity, engagement, and search engine performance of their careers website, without lengthy admin delays for updates. It was time !

“Our site was delivered on time, on spec and on budget, despite a tight schedule! The team really pulled out all the stops. » Nick Katsefaras, Business Systems Manager, Dominos US.

SEO isn’t new to the world of marketing, but it’s been slow to gain a significant foothold in recruiting marketing by comparison. It’s not due to education or understanding, it’s more likely due to the prohibitive constraints of existing career website platforms. What Happy Dance offers is another innovative opportunity that has been honed and refined as part of the Ph.Creative toolset –

Job Page Grader ranks a job description page according to several key criteria. It is already freely accessible to everyone, providing information on more than 100,000 submissions, collected over the past three years:

“It’s big data used smartly. It helped us design a much better mousetrap,” said Bryan Adams, founder and CEO of Ph. Creative.

The Happy Dance offer is a combination of SaaS technology with a concierge service:

  1. Enjoy real design flexibility and say goodbye to the limitations imposed by restrictive models
  2. Enjoy super-fast, 100% SEO-ready pages with 301 mapping to ensure they maintain their search engine rankings
  3. Experience the appropriate customization, multi-language interface design, fast and mobile application
  4. Manage your own content, 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for an admin team in a warehouse halfway around the world to respond to your change requests
  5. Experience a painless implementation delivered 100% ready to rock ‘n’ roll
  6. Get features and functions that elevate the experience and create first impressions that Obligate candidates to apply.

According to Dave Hazlehurst, partner at Ph.Creative, the move to SaaS fits into the parent agency’s “experience by design” business model: “In an industry that obsessively talks about the candidate experience, there has been this gaping hole in the market when it comes to enterprise-level business. Happy Dance is here to fill that void.”

The feature list, which includes a technology development roadmap, prioritizes what talent and brand leaders really want. Happy Dance combines methods learned from empathetic listening with a real understanding of how candidates move through a website.

“This is a career website product that delivers agency-style collaboration and a commitment to getting the basics right, with robust next-gen features at scale that only SaaS can deliver. We believe that the current choices on the market are somewhat incapable of providing the basics well, regardless of the buzzing whistles and bells.We look forward to taking on our new competitors in what is now a truly exciting” says Bryan Adams, CEO and Founder of Ph.Creative.

Ph.Creative, known as “Defenders of Happiness”, says the brand name of the product, happy dance represents that “new careers website” feeling they share as they design, configure and launch something special with each new client partner.

“I have seen several clients express pure joy and happiness when they realize they will never have to deal with the website technology they have spent years struggling with. It makes us all want to do a happy little dance! added Paul Mason, digital sales manager at Happy Dance.

Happy Dance is available for demo at where you will also find case studies and information regarding features, implementation processes and what Happy Dance customers have to say about this exciting new technology.

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