The Provost of the Federal Cooperative College Oji River Enugu State Nigeria, Dr. Owan Obodagu Tonica, said the institution was established to boost local production and ensure the industrialization of the country.

The Provost who revealed this in a statement said that unlike regular universities and other institutions of higher learning, Federal Cooperative College Oji River offers a world of opportunities for young Nigerians who wish to become producers and manufacturers of locally made products for the country and abroad. markets.

He said the college has recently introduced entrepreneurial training with valid certifications recognized universally; that such skills were needed to boost and increase local production, adding that such were the opportunities at Federal Cooperative College Oji River Enugu State where he said they have zero tolerance for amoral behaviors associated with all forms of indiscipline , indecency and indecent attitudes as they model pupils in character and learning.


The provost noted that skills such as catering, pop making, Alumaco production and many more were endeavors that Nigerians, especially the younger generation, could pick up from procedural training and mentorship sessions. , especially in areas where they have a comparative advantage.

The director of the institution further explained that the college is well located in the rural area to meet the demands of the people in the rural areas and contribute to the urbanization of these areas, as clearly evidenced by the very central role played by the Federal Cooperative College Oji River in the Southeast. and the south-south states of Nigeria.

He said there was an urgent need for young Nigerians to consider cooperative education as the first choice among other choices because the cooperative colleges, according to him, were non-strike institutions and the graduates of the cooperative colleges got very good results in the corporate world, as some testify. feedback they receive from organizations and businesses where Federal Cooperative College Oji River students were employees and business owners. That they receive positive feedback from the society where their graduates operate very effectively.

The Provost however stressed the urgent need for people to come to the cooperatives to harness the opportunities and explore the innate potentials in various businesses and skills which he said the Federal Cooperative College Oji River offers on a golden platter in a very serene and tranquil academic environment. .