FPT redevelopment efforts to create Silom Edge

The old building of the Silom Center will become a new sandbox community in the central business district of the capital

A digital interpretation of Silom Edge at the corner of Rama IV Road and Silom Road. With an investment of 1.8 billion baht, Silom Edge aims to take Silom Road from Wall Street in Thailand to Silicon Valley.

SET-listed developer Frasers Property (Thailand) Plc (FPT) renovates the old Silom Center building into a new sandbox community in the central business district, named Silom Edge, with an investment of 1.8 billion baht.

The general manager of the company for the country, Thanapol Sirithanachai, said that the development of a new office building to attract tenants and users is not only a matter of design but also of concept, as new trends redefine office spaces.

“Trends such as work-life mix, flexible working, post-Covid-19, the cashless society and collaboration at work have led to rethinking of office spaces,” he said. “We are revitalizing the building with a concept of a sandbox community.”

With this unconventional concept, Silom Edge will be a place to experiment with new innovations. It will offer flexible workspaces in the heart of Bangkok, for digital native tenants, startups, online entrepreneurs and gig workers.

As FPT’s first redevelopment project, Silom Edge will attract a wider segment of tenants and customers and aim to attract entrepreneurs and digital startups.

It aims to change Silom Road from Wall Street of Thailand to Silicon Valley.

The CEO of Frasers Property (Thailand) Thanapol Sirithanachai.

“With Covid-19, there has been an acceleration in the growth of online businesses looking to expand their customer touchpoints and deliver an omnichannel experience,” Mr. Thanapol said.

To meet the needs of the new generation, Silom Edge will also adopt the concept theme – “be different. Be connected”. It will offer spaces and leases as a service and create a sandbox platform to unleash maximum potential.

“Samyan Mitrtown, which is our recent mixed-use development, proves that working and studying around the clock is real,” Mr. Thanapol said. “We will provide extended run hours for the life of the scan to Silom Edge.”

The facilities will also be ready for a new business model for retailers – O2O2O or online-to-offline-to-online.

With the be-connected concept, Silom Edge will encourage people to conquer work-life integration. Its location at the corner of Silom Road and Rama IV Road near BTS Sala Daeng station and MRT Silom station is extremely convenient.

The project will also open up to cryptocurrency and the cashless society and redefine endless business opportunities.

An artist’s view of Silom Edge which will offer spaces and rental contracts as a service and create a sandbox platform to unleash maximum potential.

Silom Edge will have a total construction area of ​​50,000 square meters and a net leasable area of ​​22,000 m² which will include 12,000 m² of office space and 10,000 m² of retail space with 300 parking spaces.

The 24-storey tower will be located on 2,065 rai land leased to the Crown Property Bureau for 30 years. Construction progress has reached the 65% stage and is expected to be completed in September 2022.

“We saw a great opportunity to redevelop the property at the main corner of Silom Road,” he said. “Silom is undoubtedly one of the most important business districts in Thailand where top companies are located.”

Mr Thanapol said FPT made the strategic decision to acquire and transform an existing property in the area into a mixed-use complex.

Aligning with FPT’s sustainable growth strategy, the project aims to improve the portfolio through diversification and the generation of recurring income. Revenue is expected to be seen in the last quarter of next year.

Facilities will also be ready for a new business model for retailers –O2O2O or online-to-offline-to-online.