Greenup Industries provides a full range of integration solutions, maintenance, design services and specialized construction services to its diverse customer base.

We want our company to increase diversity at all levels and, in doing so, improve the working environment for women and minorities.

Certified as a minority-owned business by the National Supplier Diversity Council, Greenup Industries has been committed to growing and diversifying its employee base since its founding in 2012. Now in its tenth year, the Louisiana prides itself on its track record, with 64% of its non-seasonal employees identifying as black or African American and many of them in leadership positions. Additionally, CEO Rodney Greenup, a strong supporter of women working in construction, is always looking to increase the number of women in his company. “At Greenup, we believe in hiring more women because they enhance our diversity and bring new perspectives,” he said. Currently, women compromise 26% of Greenup employees.

With operations in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama, Greenup Industries continues to expand into the southeastern region of the United States. When asked what contributed to the success of his business, Greenup said there were two factors, “the diversity of our workforce and our innovative project management software, Greenup Tracker”.

According to construction industry research, the most common ethnicity of construction workers is white (58.7%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (24.5%) and black or African American ( 10.7%). Women make up only 6.2% of construction workers, while men make up 93.8%. Through intentional actions, Greenup Industries’ goal was to help create a unified construction industry that attracts and retains top talent. “We want our company to increase diversity at all levels and, in doing so, improve the work environment for women and minorities. We believe that a diverse construction industry will help employers build the workforce. work they need to support future growth.”

As the company continued to grow, Greenup Tracker was designed to help its customers and suppliers connect with other minority-owned businesses. The Greenup Tracker allows project managers to take their efficiency to the next level. Through the platform, contractors can easily access qualified vendors and manage everything from onboarding, to invoicing, to tracking project deadlines, and more. And suppliers can register their businesses to perform work at dozens of customer sites across the country.

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