Today’s ever-changing world presents businesses with new challenges as well as new opportunities.

Boost: The Lancashire Business Growth Center is ready to support businesses hungry for growth with both.

Boost is run by Lancashire County Council and Lancashire LEP and we have supported over 8,000 Lancashire businesses. We’ve helped create over 3,000 jobs while adding over £100 million to the economy since 2013.

The Growth Hub is funded by Lancashire County Council and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), meaning that Boost services are free for businesses to use.

We can help businesses at every stage of their journey, including through our growth support service.

This team of experts first meets with business people to understand the unique challenges and barriers to growing a business.

They will then provide advice and direct business leaders to the most appropriate support in Lancashire, whether that’s a Boost scheme or a scheme run by one of over 60 support partners. funded by Boost in Lancashire.

Boost also runs three fully-funded growth programs:

  • Rolling start for pre-startup and early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs, giving them tools to make their new business a success
  • Growth Mentoringproviding an expert mentor to support established business leaders and managers
  • Tailoreda high growth support service for established Lancashire businesses

Boost is ready to help you meet emerging economic challenges as your business grows and we have the experts to unlock your business’s true potential.

Here are some success stories from companies we have supported over the past few years.

Flower accounting

Gordie Smyth received Increase start Support after the creation of Flower Accounting in early 2020 to help with certain skills shortcomings he lived as a start. Gordie received support through the Flying Start program on sales, strategic marketing and use of social media.

During the pandemic, Gordie continued to support clients remotelygrowing the business steadily and as of February 2020 had hired two staff members.

He said: “When you start a business you have to wear so many hats. I wanted technical training to solidify my value proposition and feel comfortable selling. Being in the Boost workshops with other people all in the same boat really made a difference.

Rosetta Brands

Nick Comer started Rosetta Brands in 2010 selling fun gifts online from the US to UK consumers. He recognized an opportunity to become an Amazon vendor, acting as a gateway to help other businesses sell on Amazon.

He was accompanied by Boost’s Bespoke service to develop his idea and a commercial and marketing strategy.

After launching the service, which includes optimizing web pages and image content, Rosetta grew from around £100,000 to £5m, opened an office in London and, in June 2021, an Australian base. .

No matter where you are in your professional journey, with Boost you can benefit from a range of professional support from experts. It’s worth a call.

Call 0800 488 0057 or visit the Boost website to speak to our team of advisors.

Disclaimer: Boost is Lancashire’s business growth center and is led by Lancashire County Council and the Lancashire LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership), supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and of the Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. For eligibility criteria, please contact our team on 0800 488 0057