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We look forward to working with EFL mentors, NYU Stern MBA students, and the rest of the other game-changing companies selected for the Digital Tech track.

Our admission into this highly selective program validates our company’s breakthrough technology and allows us to consolidate our unique market position while maintaining our technological superiority.

— Jude Odu, Founder and CEO

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, Sept. 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Health Cost IQ (https://www.healthcostiq.com), a leading enterprise SaaS software company helping employers save BIG by permanently reducing their healthcare costs using one-of-a-kind intelligent algorithms, today announced its selection into the Endless Frontier Labs 2022-2023 cohort.

Endless Frontier Labs (EFL), a program for early-stage science and technology startups at New York University’s Stern School of Business, is structured to optimize each startup’s chance of becoming a successful business through a goal-based mentoring process. EFL mentors are experienced entrepreneurs who have built and left successful businesses, world-renowned scientists and technical experts, and well-known venture capitalists and angel investors.

For nine months, EFL Mentors work with admitted founders to set goals for startups to achieve and act as an informal advisory board to guide founders on how best to scale their business. Progressing startups are able to attract funding from program investors.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between science and markets. We believe that commercial strategy, scientific peer validation and investor relations are essential for the successful commercialization of scientific breakthroughs. To that end, the EFL offers founders access to an unrivaled network of business coaches, scientists, investors and Stern MBA students to help them turn their ideas into high-growth companies,” said said NYU Stern Professor Deepak Hegde, Founding Director of EFL.

“Our admission into NYU’s highly selective EFL program further validates our company’s forward momentum and breakthrough technology,” noted Jude Odu, Founder and CEO of Health Cost IQ, adding that the company will benefit from the opportunity to “continue on its path to more product innovation”. and will strive to expand and consolidate its unique market position while maintaining its technological superiority over the competition.

About Health Cost IQ
Health Cost IQ (HCQ) is a leading enterprise SaaS company that helps employers dramatically reduce healthcare costs using intelligent algorithms. Employers today face enormous pressure to control healthcare costs. More than half of all employer healthcare spending in the United States is wasteful, wasteful, avoidable, redundant, or ineffective, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars a year in avoidable spending. Health Cost IQ uses one-of-a-kind intelligent algorithms to address the high cost of care in employer health plans and helps employers save BIG by dramatically reducing health costs, eliminating costly inefficiencies, reducing inherent risks, increasing the efficiency of operations and payments integrity and putting a definitive end to wasted healthcare spending. For more information on Health Cost IQ, visit our website: https://www.healthcostiq.com

About the EFL
Endless Frontier Labs (EFL) is a nine-month program at NYU Stern for early-stage science and technology startups. Startup founders are coached by serial entrepreneurs, investors, and technical mentors to achieve individualized business goals at eight-week intervals. These goals are designed to maximize each startup’s chances of becoming a high-growth company. Those who achieve their goals are likely to attract investment from EFL mentors, as well as one of the many venture capital firms represented in the program. Although companies in the EFL program do not need to be affiliated with NYU to participate, all companies will benefit from the access and support of NYU scientists and Stern MBA students.

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