Have you ever thought about opening your own business, but didn’t know when to do it? Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “the best time to start a business is today”. Is this really good advice?

Yaro Starak, entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster, answers this question on his blog. Starak outlines three things aspiring entrepreneurs should do first when deciding to open a business.

What to do today:

1. Get ready

Starak thinks there is some truth to the statement that starting a business today is the best time because it focuses on action and “to take action means you have to be ready to do it. make”.

He says that once you start your business, you’ve at least taken a step toward being prepared, because chances are you’ll never have the right time at first. “By starting now, you begin the process of learning and building resources that over time will allow you to be ready to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself,” Starak said.

2. Start creating resources

“Whether you’ve succeeded or failed, or pivoted to something else, you’re always gaining experience, learning from your mistakes, and building resources for your next project, whether it’s financial (or capital) resources. ), mental, or skill-based,” Starak mentioned. This is why today is the best day to start a business because everything you do once you get started will help you gather the necessary resources and experiences that will help your business excel.

3. Start building an audience

Starak believes that, just as self-help books suggest, “the greatest asset to work on is yourself,” but that shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. “Even if you don’t know if you intend to sell coaching, courses, write books, or sell services or software or physical products, your audience is the doorway to take advantage of all the news opportunities… No attention, no customers,” Starak mentioned.

According to Starak, marketing and sales are the two most important skills to work on when preparing to start a business. He suggests that future business owners learn how to use internet resources to post content to reach people and grow their audience. Then they can use that content to advertise and sell.

What’s the big idea?

Now is always the best time to start a new business because even if you’re not sure what it’s going to be like yet, you can prepare, start building resources, and start building an audience.


This article originally appeared on The Big Idea from the University of Houston. Cory Thaxton, the author of this article, is the communications coordinator for the Research Division.