All alone I’ll just create, and if it works, it works and if not, I’ll create something else“(Ophrah Winfrey)

The quote sums up the raison d’être of our belief that entrepreneurship is not the choice of an alternative career but a way of thinking and making a difference for the greater good. It guides us, emboldens us and makes us work with the new generation of IMTians to harness the potential of their idea for a greater good. He invites you to take a trip like no other. As one of our promotion students, Saptarshi, said “With a lot of fun and learning… entrepreneurship courses at IMT are a must for an exciting future”. It shows why so many former IMTians have taken an entrepreneurial journey and created lasting institutions. At IMT, entrepreneurship represents a fundamental vision that transcends the architecture of our program.

The knowledge and skills necessary for the entrepreneurial journey are integrated into the design of our courses. We offer four distinct courses over the course of the two-year program, drawing on different educational philosophies. Two courses, namely Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Management, are experience-enriching, workshop-based core courses. The Design Thinking course challenges students to creatively solve a problem and come up with a prototype model that can potentially turn into a solution. Entrepreneurship Workshop is a comprehensive basic course after the design thinking course that simulates the life of a potential start-up. Built over two terms in the first year, these courses inspire students to imagine, design, and come up with a potential startup idea business model. The testimony of these courses has come from the students who have taken these courses.

How does IMT Ghaziabad's PGDM program prepare a student to become an entrepreneur?

Abhishek Gupta (lot 2022) indicated that “the courses helped me understand how the different stages of business creation work”. Another student Bhanu Teja Reddy from the same batch supported him by extending that “combining your own idea with learning the course makes it easier to come up with a viable business plan for a successful start”. In the workshop classes, students develop a global and pragmatic perspective of entrepreneurship, which is very important. Ankur Joshi, a Bangalore-based fintech entrepreneur who judged students’ ideas on pitch day, said: “such courses reduce the risk of failure as students can experiment while being in the institution itself and being mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs and faculties”. Last year’s workshop hosted over 20 renowned entrepreneurs during the program.

In the second year of the program, we offer two more elective courses. One is a simulation-based course called “Managing Start-Up Growth” which is extremely popular with sophomores. The popularity of this simulation-based course reinforces our belief that entrepreneurship is not just a course but a way of life when it comes to cost-effectively solving a problem in IMT! Finally, we supplement these trainings with another training on Social Entrepreneurship. Given our national and contextual challenges, some of the issues require a different approach to organization and this course simply affirms our mission which motivates us to imprint nuances of entrepreneurship among students.

We are very happy to see that our students have made significant progress even in a short period of time. Joel Joseph who envisioned a successful business last year is now ready to turn his vision into reality. It also gained the support of the state government. We also connect students to the internal incubator for additional mentorship. The support of IMT’s incubator is essential to our plans to nurture the ideas of future business leaders.

Our alumni provide another pillar in our quest to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit while on campus. Start-ups such as Buddy4Study, Pharmaeasy and Millagrow are some of the leading companies of our time founded by IMTians. As the legacy of these leading entrepreneurial companies increases their footprint, we are now ready to welcome a new group of future visionaries whose ideas can bring about successful transformation.

Testimonials from inspiring IMT entrepreneurs:

Ashutosh Burnwal – Co-founder Buddy4Study.com (PGDM -2012)

Popularly known as “The Scholar of India”, Ashutosh founded Buddy4Study in 2011 while a freshman marketing student at IMT Ghaziabad. Ashutosh’s vision for Buddy4Study is to give students 1 crore scholarship. Today it is the largest scholarship platform in India serving over 40 lakh students and having 1 lakh of scholars as beneficiaries.

Dharmil Sheth- Co-founder PharmEasy (PGDM Batch -2013)

Awarded Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017 and Forbes 40 under 40 in 2019

It was during one of my university projects that I explored the shortcomings of the medical supply system in India and the number of people deprived of life-saving drugs. It is our unwavering determination to do good and our unwillingness to give up that made our original idea PharmEasy the largest online pharmacy in the country today.

How does IMT Ghaziabad's PGDM program prepare a student to become an entrepreneur?

Prof. Vinayak Ram Tripathi

Assistant Professor – Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IMT Ghaziabad