In addition to satisfying this appetite for destruction, the group relied heavily on Sky’s ace in the hole. While the company may not have made a TV before, its existing Sky Q satellite boxes were hooked up to TVs across the country and regularly serviced by its extensive team of engineers. “You can assume a lot of things, but you have to actually see the weird and wonderful things people do in person,” Howe says. “There was just a plethora of cables, clutter, TVs, stereos, set-top boxes and game consoles.”

This desire for simplicity is at the origin of the vision of Glass. Several designs were considered in parallel, including a concept with a detachable soundbar which you can see below, but the end result was an aesthetic that stood in stark contrast to the established rules of modern TV design. Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), Glass eschews chamfered edges or tapered trickery to lean into its boxy build. What you see is exactly what you get with this set.

Sketches for a Sky Glass design with detachable soundbar

Although unusual, this contradiction comes with a decent advantage. Its flat sides and back allow for flush wall mounting in your chosen location, while a larger footprint provides ample room for its acoustics to really shine. Although a soundbar is a must-have upgrade for nearly every thin TV these days, Glass’s sounds pack enough punch to stand on their own. These are the benefits of a decidedly utilitarian product with virtually no wasted space inside and out. “If you dropped the shot glass into a pool of water, no air would come out,” Howe explains.

Although Sky didn’t release any sales figures for Glass, it claimed “huge demand” following a seasonal advertising blitz last year. As you’d probably expect for a product that by its very nature should be everything for all types of subscribers, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, if not ecstatic. The Guardian called it “a work in progress with huge potential”, while our own Sky Glass verdict said it was “an average TV but a very good deal”.