Education doesn’t have to end with a degree – employees should be able to continue learning on the job throughout their careers.

This week, EBN delved into the role education plays in the workforce, and it’s clear that organizations are hungry for intellectual growth. Seventy-four percent of CEOs worry about the skills of their teams in an increasingly automated and digital world, according to a 2020 PwC report on improving skills and talent. But only 18% said they had made “meaningful progress” in creating upskilling programs.

“Here’s the problem: they don’t know where to start,” says Suneet Dua, director of product growth and technology at PwC in the United States. But the solution can be simple, he explains. Start by establishing a digital benchmark for an organization’s talent. “What skills do you have? What skills do you want to have? What roles do you want to eliminate and what processes do you want to automate?”

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For employers facing an influx of junior employees with built-in digital know-how, how can companies and teams create space for them to grow while leveraging their existing knowledge?

Employers have no shortage of solutions to upskill their workforce, including digital tools, new styles of mentorship, and partnerships with organizations focused on improving all talent. Check out these solutions and more below: