The North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development kicked off its first-ever community cannabis learning session on Wednesday, called Hybrid Cannabis Lekgotla.

Agri MEC Desbo Mohono at the event. Photo: Supplied

“As a ministry, we very much wanted our farmers to tap into this sauce as well,” Provincial Minister Desbo Mohono said of the ministry’s decision to host the three-day event.

She explained that she focuses on building community knowledge about growing, using and owning cannabis, and preparing farmers to exploit the industry.

“We want to establish a provincial socio-economic cannabis strategy, with clear plans and execution. We want our farmers to be able to explore inclusive entrepreneurial opportunities. »

The lasting impact of colonial and apartheid cannabis legislation on local communities was also on the agenda, as well as learning and research to potentially close unemployment gaps.

Premier pledges support for provincial efforts

Provincial Premier Bushy Maape has encouraged young people and women to participate in the cannabis value chain as business owners.

Prime Minister Bushy Maape, addressing the audience.  Photo: Supplied
Prime Minister Bushy Maape, addressing the audience. Photo: Supplied

He also pledged to ensure that the province implements the National Cannabis Blueprint for the benefit of the people of the province and to alleviate the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality in local communities. .

So far, topics discussed at the event have included the legal framework for growing cannabis, sustainable seed sourcing and support for growers, traditional healers and indigenous farms, research, development and l innovation on the cannabis value chain, business and supplier development, government policy and strategy, and general education. and awareness.

The event, hosted at North West University, is set to continue today.

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