MACAU, April 8 – The Macau Institute of Tourism Studies (IFTM) and Alibaba Cloud held a public retail expert lecture at the institute’s iRetail Lab on April 1 – The New era of retail and next level of e-commerce: how to use cloud technology to develop a new 3P concept business model with “people, products and place”. Mr. Victor Mak, conference speaker, Lead Solutions Architect of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International Macau, has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years, focusing on virtualization, containerization and cloud computing. He is also a proponent of how these can be applied to various industries in Macau. During the conference, Victor Mak explained how cloud computing could be integrated into the new “People, Products and Place” business model that would result in better efficiency in the management of retail stores, warehouses and business operations. He also shared his experience and successful cooperation cases between Alibaba Cloud and local businesses.

The public expert conference was held both online and offline and attracted around 50 participants who are tourism and retail business executives, academics and higher education students from the Great Bay region. During the Q&A session, attendees asked questions and shared barriers they faced in operating their retail businesses. In response to participants’ questions, the speaker provided constructive and effective suggestions. Mr. Chan, a fashion retail executive, said that through the Retail Expert Talk, he gained knowledge and learned the importance of artificial intelligence and big data in retail businesses. He would consider adopting related technology in the future development of his business to improve its competitiveness in the market.

IFTM and Alibaba Cloud launched the Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program in November last year. The program initiates cooperation in different areas, including cloud computing and big data curriculum design, professional accreditations, and talent development. It aims to promote the integration of tourism education and information technology and serves the goal of making Macau the world center for tourism and leisure. Dr. Zhao WeiBing, Acting Director of the School of Tourism Management, pointed out that the iRetail Lab is a new learning platform for students of the Bachelor of Science in Retail and Tourism Management program. tourism marketing. The design concept of iRetail Lab allows students to not only simulate a retail business learning environment, but also practice real business operations in online and offline sales promotion channels. Through a series of public talks from retail experts, IFTM attempts to bring the latest retail trends to students and businesses in Macau. It highlights the “modernization of higher education” which promotes innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among young people and creates achievements to give back to society.

The Macao Institute of Tourism Studies (IFTM) launched the Bachelor of Science in Retail Management and Tourism Marketing program in 2009. It aims to develop retail talent with comprehensive professional knowledge and management skills. Many graduates of the bachelor’s program have held senior positions in the marketing and promotion department of international brands and integrated stations. They play a leading role in Macau’s diversified retail market.