KL (Deemed-to-be University), organized a fascinating Startup Expo in its Hyderabad campus. A 2-day live event witnessed the networking of young innovators, investors, mentors and entrepreneurs. It included massive enrollment and participation from several colleges in the city, in several skilled trades. The expo aimed to provide an interface between startups and investors, allowing startups to expand their networks and gain validation from experienced entrepreneurs and technology investors.

“The expo reflects the strong confidence and ideals for entrepreneurship that we hold, which is key to the socio-economic development of our country. Our desire is to provide students who have a vision or an idea with all the skills and opportunities necessary to launch into their entrepreneurial journey. And KL Startup Expo ’22 was a phenomenal start to many young people’s journeys. At the university, we strive to showcase the dynamic and very dynamic nature of entrepreneurship to encourage our students, not to seek employment, but to create large-scale employment opportunities”. said Professor L Koteswara Rao, Director, Engineering, KL Deemed-to-be University.

The event saw prominent investors like Surya K Vidiyala, CEO of CITRUS 360, Global Entrepreneur, Innovator, Investor and Advisor, Viiveck Verma, CIO, Recykal Foundation and Venture Partner, Venture Catalyst, and Sandip Poddar, MD at Amel Services et Conseil, member of the board of directors of Banka Bioloo & LP Investor in PE and VC Funds. Experienced investors and mentors evaluated and validated the business ideas of the participating tech talents.

A day full of remarkable ideas, showcases and networks, KL Startup Expo 2022 featured some of the most innovative student designs of the year. Ramana Kumar, a student at the renowned University of KL, presented an intriguing “Healer Hoodie”, an ergonomically integrated hoodie with a massager that the user can connect to their mobile via Bluetooth and subjectively control.

Ashrith Munikuntla of PIL Gaming Solutions said, “We are a proprietary e-learning platform entirely dedicated to gaming and game development. Our model is a subscription-based e-learning website where it connects enthusiasts games to coaches, esports players, streamers and mentors around the world.”

Ayush Dasgupta, another entrepreneur from KLH posted InFinet. This is a digital concierge that simplifies and enhances the experience, but is not limited to people escorting passengers to and from the airport – the concept of which can be applied across multiple industries.