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I was saddened to learn of the death of a woman hit by a turning van near Eighth Avenue. I wasn’t surprised by the immediate call to lower the speed limit in Gainesville.

As a biker scared to ride in Gainesville, I wouldn’t mind people going slower. However, I think lowering the speed limit would be a mistake. There are other reasons that contribute to pedestrian fatalities.

Vehicle design is lethal to people. Pickups have hoods as big as me. At any speed, I would be hit by a wall and knocked over to hit the pavement – ​​certainly fatal. This cannot be solved by the local authorities.

Gainesville is a frustrating city to drive. All the roads are overloaded, which leads to frustration. The mopeds, unable even to respect the speed limit, circulate in the fast lanes of congested roads.

Planning councils are adding apartments willy-nilly without attempting to mitigate the hundreds of vehicles added. The 13th Street and University Avenue area is in a permanent traffic jam. Gainesville just granted an easement for 50 units above zoning on the 13th.

Frustration leads to poor driving decisions. The upshot is that we need to be careful walking, biking, and driving in Gainesville.

Dorian Lucey, Gainesville

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Disappearing Charm

I’m writing this in response to the recent post about the location of SweetBerries set to be demolished for more student/affordable housing – another five-story debacle that will continue to erode what’s left of downtown’s evanescent charm.

An article I read stated that no contribution from the surrounding neighborhood was allowed to be the most affected. Over the past 10 years, we’ve all seen the city of Gainesville sell its soul to outside developers, starting with the Stadium Club across from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. I would like to know what is the current residential occupancy of this giant building? The retail stores on the ground floor have never been a hit I guess because the rent is too high.

The Standard, I’ve heard of it before, has horrible occupancy in its so-called affordable housing. And we’re so honored to have places as unique as Chick-fil-A and Chase Bank now at ground level. What would our city be without them? What joke.

Mike Webber, Gainesville

Behavior of dictators

Where are all the Reagan Republicans with backbone and integrity, those who stood for democracy and would never allow a shameless, corrupt demagogue to undermine their principles and commandeer their party?

They would never allow a radical and right-wing extremist minority to take them over, define them and become the new face of the Republican Party. It would never happen before Donald Trump, but it is happening now.

Republicans remain complicit or silent on Jan. 6. They said little when Trump promised to pardon the criminal mob element that raped and looted the Capitol. They know that the American electoral process is the best in the world, not riddled with corruption and fraud. Yet undermining the foundations of our democracy by dismantling our electoral systems has become a rallying call for red state legislatures.

Republicans know that what they saw on January 6 was not “a group of ordinary citizens exercising ‘legitimate political discourse.'” They know that Trump’s efforts to incite others to threaten Mike Pence with his life, attempting to seize voting machines, orchestrate fake voters, flee with classified documents and flush them down the toilet to hide the truth, that’s what dictators do to stage a coup!

Karen Bennett, Gainesville

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