It was an atmosphere full of excitement as Medmina College, Ibadan held its 6th Annual Junior High and Senior High School Graduation, Speeches and Awards Ceremony in the school multipurpose room.

The founder of the institution, Alhaji AbdulHammed Mohammed, expressed his gratitude to God who kept the students graduating throughout their stay at the school. He underlined the need for stakeholders – parents and guardians – to contribute to the growth of the school as it was established solely with the aim of growing up exemplary children in all aspects of life.

The president of the school’s parent-teacher association, Alhaji Nurayn Zakariyyah, in his speech, charged the graduates to be good ambassadors for their alma mater. He said, “You are ambassadors of this school, don’t do what people ask of your background. Moreover, as evidenced by the characteristics of the precious stone whose name your adornment bears, “the Amethysts” do not expose you.

Zakariyyah also urged the students to separate well as this will determine what happens after they leave. He praised the sacrifices of the parents who, despite the unexpected commitments due to inflation in the country, remained attached to the educational requirements of their children.

The institution’s chief administrative officer, Dr. Muhammad Abdallah, told graduate students to uphold the core values ​​of learning imbibed in the institution, though the world is changing. Assessing them, Abdallah said “this Class of 2022 is special; there is greatness in this set. He asked them to listen to their inner voice when making choices at various times in life. He also urged SSS 2 students to strive to break the records set by the outgoing ensemble.

“My parting words for the class of 2022 are that we have done our best to equip you with the right tools to face an ever-changing world and an unknown future. Now it’s up to you to sharpen those tools. , to stay focused and do your bit to bring about the changes we hope to see in our society in the near future,” Muhammad advised.

His speech said in part: “Education would be much more effective if its aim were to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl knows what they do not know and is imbued with ‘a permanent desire to know. –William Haley.

“Medmina College, Ibadan is more than just a school, but a family and I feel extremely lucky to be affiliated with such a progressive and innovative school, where there is an insatiable thirst for development and progress.

“Our maxim remains, “in a constant search for excellence”. I also consider myself very lucky to work with talented, open-minded and hard-working teams. It has been a year in which we have tried new things in academic and extracurricular activities with great results. It has also been a year with a lot of investment in leadership growth and personal development for students, especially for them to be more responsible for their own learning. The entrepreneurship program has never been so fruitful as this year, with students making notable progress in their mastery of various entrepreneurial skills.

“In the operation of a school, no academic session is alike the previous or the next, because each throws its challenges which always require a lot of thought and creativity to meet said challenges. This academic year has certainly been quite a challenge, with obstacles that we have faced from the beginning.

“Similarly, there seems to be no psychographic way to deal with our ever-evolving Gen Z students, so we need to keep tracking their growth and progress, if we really want to help them become good Muslims, global citizens and great leaders.

“I am however truly humbled by what we have achieved as a team and a family. I take this opportunity to thank our dear alumni for their support in every way possible. We also appreciate you for carrying the flag of MCI with the greatest pride as you travel to conquer the world!

In her speech, the Head Prefect (Daughter), Aisha Zakariyyah, appreciated the founder and the teachers for the attention and love they received, stressing that everything they had learned had made them stronger. would help to make wiser decisions. She promised that her ensemble would continue to fly the school flag and also pray for her progress. Aisha advised her juniors to make hay while the sun is shining.

Among the events featured on the program were Yoruba and Hausa cultural presentations.


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