AI is one of the most disruptive technologies the world knows about today. With a number of applications in big data, computer vision, natural language processing, etc., technology is revolutionizing businesses, industries and people’s lives. It creates jobs, contributes to economic dynamism, spurs innovation, generates competition, cuts costs, creates new industries and much more – and nowhere is its disruptive power felt more than in the ecosystem of startups.

“In 2018, India had around eight percent of the world’s AI talent. In just three years, including two years hit by Covid, I am happy to say that India now has 12% of AI talent and continues to grow, ”said Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India & Vice President, Intel Foundry Services delivered the keynote address at the Intel Startup Showcase, held on December 16, 2021, where Intel spotlighted eight of the 39 tech startups it helped accelerate through to its program.

“The cumulative valuation of startups in the Intel Startup program is almost $ 1 billion,” she said while adding that the real value came from the solutions they drive, not only for India, but also for the world.

Here are the eight startups highlighted during the Intel Startup Program Startup Showcase.

Addverb Technologies

Addverb Technologies is a leading global robotics company, providing intra-logistics automation solutions that enable smarter movement for the warehouse and supply chain industry. Leveraging robotics and warehouse automation, Addverb improves the use of space in warehouses and factories. They strive to improve the throughput and level of precision at which existing warehouses and factories operate.

Dave AI

DaveAI is an AI-powered sales increase platform that helps brands increase sales with enhanced, interactive product discovery experiences using a virtual sales avatar that mimics a brain of human sale. DaveAI helps brands create compelling digital sales experiences by combining the power of conversation and visualization to showcase, demonstrate, and recommend products. These sales conversations are personalized for each customer based on their preferences and personality in real time. Their services are highly relevant to complex product segments such as Lifestyle, Retail, BFSI, Automotive, etc. in order to improve the qualification rate of prospects and optimize the products sold.


LetsVing is a SaaS offering that simplifies video collaboration between any VC room, using any OEM camera, on any meeting platform, delivering a unified experience for complex hybrid work scenarios. Compatible with any video platform, the startup’s plug-n-play solution can convert any OEM camera into a cross-border, cross-platform collaboration tool that can be centrally managed. It removes the complexity and points of failure of additional peripherals such as touch screens and remote controls by allowing users to control the room and meeting device from their cell phones or laptops.

Qualitas Technologies

Qualitas EagleEye Platform is a machine vision system designed to automate quality and visual processes across all manufacturing industries. Its easy-to-train AI software gives an advantage to achieve higher accuracy and faster processing time. Its mission has been to enable manufacturing companies and machine builders to realize the full potential of machine vision and artificial intelligence to enable them to exponentially increase the competitive and financial value of their product. It harnesses the power of the cloud to reduce training costs, increase accuracy, and reduce installation time. It offers solutions such as automated visual inspection, robotic guidance, optical character recognition, inventory tracking, calibration and measurement, 3D inspection and code reading. is a revolutionary AI solutions provider that is disrupting the status quo in radiology by improving imaging accuracy and health outcomes using machine-assisted tools. Recommended by the WHO,’s automated medical imaging tools provide faster diagnoses to patients, while enabling physicians and radiologists to sort medical cases more efficiently. This helps healthcare providers identify critical scenarios in seconds rather than hours to prevent deaths and improve the quality of patient care. operates in nearly 50 countries and makes state-of-the-art medical imaging services accessible to small remote healthcare teams with little or no internal radiology capacity. The startup’s two flagship products, qER and qXR, are making significant progress in diagnosing traumatic brain injury and lung disease.


Senseforth is a leading conversational AI platform that helps large companies across APAC, North America and Europe transform their customer experiences. The startup’s unique approach to understanding natural language (NLU) and identifying intentions simplifies bot creation, improves accuracy, and dramatically reduces response time. Senseforth trains intents separately from entities to gain an accurate understanding of user intents and map them to relevant responses quickly and accurately. Its solutions help businesses increase revenue through AI-powered bots that answer queries, solve problems, complete tasks, make product recommendations, and even deliver meaningful insights.


SimYog offers a virtual EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) lab to help electronics designers validate and improve their hardware early in development. The startup provides deep learning-based software solutions that enable hardware developers to test the resistance of electronic components to electromagnetic interference at the design stage using data analysis and machine learning . Usually, auto component manufacturers develop multiple prototypes and test for electromagnetic interference before mass production. Their product, Compliance-Scope, is an EMI and EMC virtual lab where designers can validate and improve their hardware at an early stage by uploading their design files.


Staqu is an AI startup working in the field of audio-video analysis to automate the surveillance of security, safety and operational analysis on existing CCTV cameras and provide real-time alerts and a broadcast live via its product, Jarvis. The startup is working to bring about an essential reform of security paradigms. From using AI for digital and centralized criminal records to personalized video analytics for security, safety and compliance, they help stakeholders make quick decisions and generate proactive responses.

The Intel Startup program: propelling innovation at scale

“At Intel, we are looking for cutting edge technology startups in a variety of use cases,” said Neel H Bhatia, Director and Head, Startup Ecosystem and Strategic Collaborations, Intel India, who presented the overview. of the program during the Startup Showcase.

“We don’t believe in mentoring startups. We believe in collaborating with them and allowing them to create magic together, ”he added, explaining how the program really believes disruption happens through collaboration and how it engages with people. leading companies and universities to foster innovation.

“Our philosophy is to drive innovations with in mind use cases that are disruptive, scalable, and solve real-world problems,” said Ashok Chandavarkar, director of strategic initiatives, Intel India, explaining how the commitments startups are either vertically aligned or targeted. on emerging technologies.

“If you are as innovative and mature as the startups at the Startup Showcase, in different technological fields, from the cloud to the edge, please do not hesitate to contact the Intel Startup program to interact with us and learn more about our program,” a he declared. .

About the Intel Bootloader

The Intel Startup Program is Intel India’s flagship program to engage with tech startups that have intellectual property or innovative solutions that have the potential to create impact on customers and align with business areas. Intel intervention. The program is at the forefront of engaging with India’s startup ecosystem through high impact collaborations with industry, academia and government and manages multiple initiatives that are either vertically aligned , or focused on emerging technologies.

He engages with startups that have a unique global or local value proposition to solve real customer issues, allowing them to have industry domain and business expertise and the best mentorship from Intel.