Open to juniors and seniors in the neighborhood, the CTEC is located in Lenexa and offers courses and activities that
neither of the high school buildings could offer on their own. CETC Director Dr. Cindy Swartz believes the building offers students
with more opportunities that will help them in their future. Swartz recommends the CETC to students considering a STEM career.

“It’s going to be very rewarding to go out to an institution that has a program and courses that are definitely aligned with [students’] future career interests, ”Swartz said. “We’re trying to make sure that we have local business and industry partnerships with all of our classes, so that students are a little more connected to business and industry when they graduate from CETC. “

Senior Maddie Vosburg, who is enrolled in digital electronics, found that CETC provides students with the tools to decide what they want to do later in life.

“For me in particular, I want to embark on a career in technology, and so I think that opens up a lot of opportunities and learning experiences from that,” Vosburg said. “For me in particular, I was debating what I want to do in college, so these classes allowed me to explore more of the [electrical] engineering or software engineering side I might want to go
in college. It showed me the direction in which I want to go in the future.

For science teacher Neil McLeod, who teaches robotics at CETC, the building offers many new resources, such as an open space in the center of the building that the team uses to hold meetings and practice driving their robots. , who helped the robotics team.

“Before, for the robotics team, we were based at Mill Valley High School, [in] just one of the classrooms, and we didn’t have a designated computer lab that the programmers could work on, ”McLeod said. “Between the computer lab and the atrium practice area manufacturing lab, it’s a step up from what we had before,” said McLeod.

For junior Connor Bauer, half of his schedule consists of CTEC courses. Bauer is enrolled in computer science, emerging technologies, robotics and STEM, and enjoyed his experience in the new building.

“[CTEC has] been great, ”said Bauer. “The teachers are cool and all the equipment is great. This allows us to gain hands-on experience and use real equipment and tools to solve real problems.

According to Julianne Long, who studies emerging technologies and graphic design at CETC, the building provides a pleasant environment where students get along easily.

“There is a much better environment there,” Long said. “There’s a lot of pressure cooker vibe in high school in Mill Valley, and at CETC it’s really if you like learning and art and engineering and science, come here and you’ll fit in perfectly.”

Likewise, junior Maddie Hanna, who is enrolled in principles of illustration and biotechnical engineering, discovered that the building has a user-friendly environment.

“This is a great place to determine if this is really what you want to do and the teachers are there to help. Everyone knows each other so we are here to help each other and [in] all the different classes, you can help each other out, so that’s really cool, ”Hanna said.

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