Born and raised in Kota, Nitin Vijay obtained an engineering degree from IIT-BHU. But unlike his peers, hungry for big salaries in multinational corporations, he was determined to reinvent India’s education industry with ingenious ideas and cutting-edge technologies. He decided to nurture Indian talent by instilling quality knowledge and competitive skills among budding engineers, doctors and scientists. So, to provide them with the best coaching experience, Nitin Vijay founded Motion Education in December 2007.

Nitin Vijay started his entrepreneurial journey with just Rs.10,000 when he was just 23 years old. After 14 years of tireless efforts, Motion Education and its study centers in 44 cities across India are poised to achieve over Rs 100 Crores in revenue in the current financial year (FY 2021-22). Recently on the 15th founding day of Motion Education, Nitin Vijay announced the opening of over 50 centers across India in the coming financial year to bring the total to 100 and revenue to around Rs 300 crore.

Under the passionate leadership of Nitin Vijay, the institution has become an enviable Ed-tech brand and has set many new benchmarks and standards in the industry. In 2021 he had a very unique idea, MyBizKid. He felt that children need a different approach to understand subjects at a much higher level. To fill this gap, he developed MyBizKid, an online MBA program for kids, which not only uncovers children’s hidden entrepreneurial qualities, but also hones their soft knowledge and skills, needed to ensure success in the field they are in. they finally choose.

An engineer by training and tech-savvy by aptitude, Nitin Vijay is always keen to harness cutting-edge technology to enrich the learning experience. He said, “Edtech can do wonders for modern educational institutions. Whether it’s reducing administrative costs, synchronizing various services, or quantifiably measuring various outcomes, AI and ML-based technologies are a big help on all fronts..”

With the mind of a technocrat and the vision of an entrepreneur, Nitin Vijay tried to cultivate corporate culture in Motion Education. And, in a bid to fulfill his dream, he restructured the organization where all departments are seamlessly connected through advanced ICT technologies. Through pattern analysis and trending algorithms, teachers are better equipped with assessment tools that give a comprehensive analysis of each student. Later, researchers and content developers prepare personalized study materials for aspirants of JEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and other competitions.

“The COVID-19 crisis has affected industry revenues. However, we quickly adapted to Ed-Tech and students are enthusiastic about the change. We have thus increased our income by increasing the number of students by 32%. Based on this trend, we expect revenue growth of Rs 100 crores in the current financial year with a profit of 15-20%,” said Mr. Nitin Vijay, Founder and Managing Director of Motion Education.