Mark is a sought-after technology leader, prolific writer, and frequent speaker. He has held leadership positions in several organizations large and small where, over time, he has gained a reputation for challenging the status quo in business, processes and technology. Mark is a strong advocate of Agile, Lean and DevOps methodologies, and espouses a philosophy of continuous improvement. Today, he uses his powers in earnest by collaborating with business leaders to create innovative cloud-based strategies, and his experience is both vast and well demonstrated. As the IT Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, he brought Agile and DevOps practices to the federal government. As CIO of the Intrax Cultural Exchange, he was the first to use business intelligence and supply chain analysis to place au pairs with host families. As a business strategist for AWS, Mark pursues an endless quest to articulate and justify the critical role the cloud plays in today’s businesses.

If we were forced to choose a few words to describe Mark as an enterprise technology leader, you might hear descriptors like “change agent”, “disruptor”, and “coming on the bar”. For Mark, change is not something to be managed, it must be continually embraced and embraced. Curiosity must prevail in the face of the “we-have-always-done-so” attitude. And change is always possible in his mind. Even when the going looks the most compelling – in the face of deafening bureaucracy, organizational politics, rigid processes, communication voids – Mark has the hammer to find his way.

It’s not much of a hammer, of course, but Mark’s voice, pen, and experience as a leader in multiple organizations over the years gets the job done. Like when he was a new CIO of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and boldly challenged the federal government’s moldy technological practices (ask him about the infamous document known as the “MD102”, but proceed with caution).

Through his influential blog, teeming with biz-tech wisdom, or his stage appearances (where he shines in anecdotal storytelling and often makes weary conventioneers laugh), Mark’s passion for evangelizing the business value of the computing and cloud is clear.