Rallyware has won the 2022 DSA Partnership Award, solidifying its position as a market leader in performance-enhancing technologies.

Rallyware has had a demonstrable and significant impact on direct selling’s ability to adapt to the new realities of the 2020s. Today, with this exceptional achievement, Rallyware’s position as a leading technology partner for direct selling direct has been consolidated.

Rallyware, the field performance support platform at the forefront of digital transformation, has won the 2022 Partner Award from the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Rallyware’s platform enables global companies in the proven and highly competitive direct selling industry – companies in more than 60 global markets such as Nu Skin, Tupperware and Yanbal, among others – to drive key performance indicators such as as performance, retention and engagement of the workforce. This technology enables companies to implement automated learning and incentive programs, drive positive behavior change for direct selling distributors, and achieve ever-higher levels of business growth and success. efficiency in the field.

Over time, Rallyware has had a demonstrable and significant impact on the ability of direct selling to adapt to the new realities of the 2020s, and on the ability of individual companies to achieve their KPIs and dominate the market. Today, with this exceptional achievement, Rallyware’s position as a leading direct selling technology partner has been affirmed and cemented for the future.

The Direct Selling Association is a long-standing national trade association — in existence since 1910 — for companies that provide entrepreneurial opportunities for people who choose to sell products and services directly to consumers. The DSA’s Partnership Award celebrates, as they describe, “a supplier company that provides a product or service that has a measurable impact on the growth or development or increases the profitability of a direct selling member company.”

Meeting these criteria, Rallyware provides on average a 24 to 30x return on investment in the first year. These success statistics are complemented by a team of customer success experts who work closely with customers to get the most out of the platform; a leadership team of industry experts and thought leaders; and product and engineering teams full of tireless and talented workers. Top ROI results combined with these exceptionally skilled and hardworking teams guided Rallyware’s customers in nominating the platform for this award, and the DSA in nominating Rallyware as the winner.

By accepting the partnership award, Rallyware specifically recognizes its team members in Ukraine, who have endured the unthinkable over the past few months – a totally unjust war of aggression – and yet continued to provide the same level of service. , support and innovation that have earned Rallyware this award.

“Winning this award is simply amazing,” said George Elfond, CEO and co-founder of Rallyware. “We’ve seen many direct selling companies come to Rallyware and finally find themselves able to scale and stand out in a market that previously seemed to elude them due to changes in technology and workforce behaviors. It is extremely encouraging to see that our outstanding results and industry expertise have established us as the leading performance improvement technology and consulting experience partner for direct selling – that our efforts have been recognized and celebrated by our peers, customers and industry leaders.

About Rallyware:

Rallyware’s end-to-end Performance Enablement Platform (PEP) provides each field staff member with a unique and personalized growth path based on their goals and skills. Rallyware transforms the workforce experience into a sleek, highly automated journey, from onboarding to digital L&D, incentive and recognition programs to opportunity management, using cross-system integrations and data-rich analytics to develop and reward ideal workforce behaviors.

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