It takes years for some designers to set foot in a design business—Ramey caulkins, however, answered the phone and dialed numbers for an interior designer even before entering college. To be fair, the designer in question was his mother and the company office was in the basement of the family home. Still, the experience put her at the forefront of how professional design services could deliver a style unique to a Rust Belt town like its hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Although she was captivated by the design, Caulkins decided to forge her own path after college. The run turned into a conversation with a showroom associate, which turned into a full-time job that immersed Caulkins in architectural materials and design principles at their most basic level.

After moving to Denver, Caulkins began experimenting with interior design in his own home and in small projects for friends. Soon she marked the whole house project that would catapult her career into full service design. In the years that followed, she continued to grow her business, learning as she went how to form a team that can learn and grow with her, while also adjusting to an industry with an abundance of new businesses and talent. new challenges in the past two years.

“I think we’re working in a very responsive climate right now, and that part is more difficult when you’re trying to be creative and thoughtful about the process,” Caulkins told the host. Kaitlin Petersen on the last episode of the Business stories Podcast. “I think that’s a condition we have to face right now. You can say “I’m not going to work that way” or “You’re going to have to wait,” but sometimes construction deadlines or budgets — they just don’t allow you to be somewhat inconsistent with the project and its needs. .

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Homepage image: Ramey Caulkins | Courtesy of Ramey Caulkins