Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC), an affiliate of NAMA Women Advancement, calls on its members to seize a golden opportunity to secure funding for their unique ideas by participating in SBWC Pearl Quest, one of the most large pitch funds that are open to women founders and entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates.
SBWC is working with PwC Academy to organize a female entrepreneurship training program for its members interested in winning a substantial pitch fund which will be up for grabs at the SBWC Pearl Quest stage at Expo 2020 Dubai on February 8, 2022.

SBWC Pearl Quest is one of the most prestigious and intense pitch events for entrepreneurs and founders looking for funding in the United Arab Emirates. It aligns with SBWC’s commitment to provide a wide range of services to its members, including the right training, mentoring and funding as well as a platform to present their ideas.

Exclusively for SBWC members
Applicants must be members of the SBWC. Non-members must apply for membership. SBWC members who enroll in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Training Program will have a unique chance to present their unique ideas to a panel of distinguished judges, who will be joined by a renowned venture capitalist. Fees are applicable when registering for the training program.

Only UAE-based startups, founded or co-founded by a female entrepreneur, and operating for less than a year, are eligible to participate in the competition.

Those who wish to participate in the competition can register to become a member by downloading the SBWC mobile app. For more information, participants contact by email or phone number found on the website.

Start-up funding
The winners of the Pearl Quest pitch will be determined based on the originality of the idea; its positive and sustainable social and environmental impact; and its functionality and ease of implementation.

The highlight of the event will be instant funding for the top three winning ideas.

Mariam Bin Al Shaikh, Director of SBWC, said: “SBWC has played an important role in promoting female entrepreneurial talents in the UAE. We are now taking it to the next level by allowing them to apply for substantial funding for their ideas through the Pearl Quest event that we are hosting at Expo 2020 Dubai. It is in line with the SBWC’s goal of empowering women business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions and goals and advance their entry into targeted sectors.

She added, “We encourage women entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity by registering to become a member of SBWC and joining the Entrepreneurship Training Program for Women organized in collaboration with PwC Academy. This is a golden opportunity that will provide many chances for the selected entrepreneurs to engage with talented peers and present their ideas to an audience of potential investors. They will also be able to make themselves known by participating in this pitch competition.

“Outside of Pearl Quest, SBWC will be offering new members a variety of activities during the year that will be aligned with the SBWC mission and vision. Our holistic approach to helping women-owned and led businesses and startups is to help them through the process of setting up their businesses and forging partnerships with the government as well as with private entities in the UAE and abroad. We also provide them with valuable trade exposure at various local and international events, ”she concluded.