Sectional living room ideas are a favorite solution for space seating. Comfortable, spacious and versatile, a sectional also makes a fabulous focal point for the room.

Of course, the right sectional style is key to bringing your living room sofa ideas to fruition, and placement in the room is also crucial, whether it’s a large open space or a small cozy room.

We’ve rounded up living room ideas with sections to inspire your room design, and also asked the experts for their tips on using the best sofa for this zoned layout.

Sectional Living Room Ideas

Sectional sofas can be the best choice for large living rooms but also for satisfying small spaces, although you will have to work hard to make sure you buy the right size sofa for a small living room if it is. of a sectional sofa. Make the perfect style choice and design success with these sectional living room ideas.

1. Place an L-shaped section away from the walls

white living room with gray sectional sofa, dark hardwood floors, ottoman, black accents, bay window

(Image credit: Neptune)

While sectional living room ideas often see it set against walls, it’s worth considering other options.

“A sectional can nestle perfectly against the walls of both small and large spaces, making the most of empty corners. When used in the center (or positioned away from the walls) of a larger, open-concept room, this style can work to divide the overall space and create an inviting, flexible space that encourages easy conversation and relaxation. Use an ottoman or coffee table (or both) to complete the zoned area,” says George Miller, interior designer at Neptune.

2. Relax on a low contemporary cream design

Cream sectional with textured cream rug, mirrored glass coffee table

(Image credit: Ligne Roset)

Whatever your living room paint ideas, a neutral sectional will complement each other perfectly, and for a modern look, go low.

‘This sectional is ideal for those who like a minimalist approach in their living room. A cream design will go with any existing scheme and its low, legless profile and ample depth makes you want to settle in instantly,” says Jennifer Ebert, Digital Editor, Homes & Gardens.

3. Use a sectional for zoning

loft living room with vaulted ceiling, gray sectional on blue carpet, armchairs, pendant lights

(Image credit: Ercol)

Consider a sectional to make it easier to design a generously proportioned living room.

“This large section holds its place in this open space and it is helped by the navy blue carpet that grounds the area. If you’re using living room rug ideas in this way (and I always would), make sure it’s big enough that the section, armchairs and coffee table all fit in its four corners,” says Lucy Searle, Global Editor, Homes & Gardens.

4. Customize your sectional according to your space

white living room with gray cupboard, console table, bedside tables, rug, striped curtains

(Image credit: Designers Guild)

The flexibility of sectional living room ideas can be a boon if you follow living room feng shui principles, while customization offers ultimate versatility.

‘Make your room truly yours by customizing it to match your room. Versatile and stylish, these pieces have been carefully considered by our design team and crafted to the highest quality to ensure exceptional comfort,” says Tricia Guild, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Creators Guild.

5. Change the arrangement of sections throughout the day

neutral living room with orange accents, cream scoop cup, rug, retro sideboard, small coffee table

(Image credit: Heals)

Minimalist living room ideas can still offer flexibility, as this clean-lined space shows.

“Over the past few years, as the emerging trend towards open-plan living has grown alongside the shift to hybrid working, it’s no surprise that boundaries throughout the home have become increasingly blurred” , says Sabina Miller, Director of Purchasing at Heal’s. “Flexible furniture can be used to create zones in your space and help create a more structured and multi-functional way of living.

“A sectional L-shaped configuration is a great way to create a natural boundary between two spaces without blocking natural light or having a physical barrier that closes off the room. This can be particularly beneficial when space is limited, such as a apartment with a shared kitchen, office and living space, and retains an element of fluidity while separating the functionality of a room.

‘For ultimate flexibility, a modular sofa design, such as Heal’s Lilli Sofa, can be arranged to meet your changing needs throughout the day. Whether you need a spacious setting for entertaining friends, a cinema-style setup for movie night, or just want to chase the summer evening sun, having the ability to easily adapt the layout of your living room is perfect for modern living,” says Sabina. Miller, purchasing manager at Heals.

6. Get comfortable in a bespoke design

living room with wooden storage, textured ceiling, brown sofa, blue and yellow cushions, drapes, pouf

(Image credit: Cabellero)

Brown sofa living room ideas really suit the shape of a sectional sofa, and you can really relax with comfy living room ideas that keep drinks close at hand.

“The client wanted a comfortable and practical TV stand, so we designed bespoke cocktail tables that connected to the sectional sofa. We also designed bronze inserts in the armrests of the sofa to use them as trays,” says Lucia Caballero, Founder and Creative Director, Caballero.

7. Turn an L-Shaped Section into a U-Shape

neutral living room with large section, log pile, coffee table, curtains, black crystal windows, stone fireplace

(Image credit: Murphy Maude Interiors/Lisa Hubbard)

Split plan living room ideas divide rooms into small areas without compromising the open feel, and one section can serve this function.

‘A section is exceptionally ideal for extending a living room. Offering the most seating and less traditional styling than the typical living room sofa and chairs, a sectional sofa opens up the floor to a more intimate living space, while prioritizing functionality and creativity,” says Leslie Murphy, owner and creative director of Maude Murphy Interiors.

8. Consider one section instead of two sofas

green, neutral living room with patterned sectional rug and ottoman, pelmets, open shelving, parquet flooring, fireplace

(Image credit: OKA)

If you’re looking for living room design ideas for compact spaces, a sectional can solve the problems.

“In a small living room, it can be difficult to find enough comfortable seating for you and your guests. I find sectional living room ideas, like our Lamorna, to be a great solution for this; they offer plenty of seating but take up much less space than two whole sofas and, when layered with lots of soft velor cushion covers, can help create a comfortable setting,” says Sue Jones, co-founder and director creative of OKA.

9. Add color to an all-white scheme

Living room with blue sectional sofa and colorful cushions in Cornish coastal new build

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Consider a color that pops among your sectional living room ideas to make it even more eye-catching. Blue sofa living room ideas look great against white walls.

“Believe it or not, sectionals are very versatile: they can work away from walls, they can stand alone to zone an area, or be tucked into a corner to maximize space like this sky blue design in a coastal home,” says Melanie Griffiths. , editor, Period life.

10. Make a statement with a shapely design

living room with beige patterned wallpaper, coral sofa, cream carpet

(Image credit: Arte)

Don’t underestimate the wide variety of designs you can choose from when considering sectional living room ideas.

“There is literally something for everyone. This contemporary design is a centerpiece that looks fabulous in a period home. Keep the rest of the diagram simple so it takes pride of place,” says Jennifer Ebert, Digital Editor, Homes & Gardens.

Is a sectional good for a living room?

A sectional can be a great choice for a living room. “Sectionals can offer generous seating,” says Lucy Searle, global editor of Homes & Gardens. “And while they might seem like an obvious choice for a larger living room, they can be space-saving in a small living room because you don’t have to worry about space between several individual chairs or sofas.”

Are cups obsolete?

Sectionals are not obsolete and are worth considering, as well as individual sofas and other seats. “There’s always a place to sit in the living room that can be comfortably shared by all family and friends,” says Lucy Searle. “And a sectional is no compromise in terms of design with a plethora of shapes, heights and fabrics available to match the aesthetic of the room.”