Rojan Alexei Granado and Jerico Wayne Bayod, members of the Agribon team, present the operation of their agricultural drone. The drone aims to reduce farm management costs, reduce farmers’ exposure to pesticides, and reduce risk when farming in sloping areas.

In line with its commitment to supporting and empowering startup communities, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) hosted the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom, an e-learning series as part of its global flagship program for businesses, which offers mentorship and advice to help them grow their business.

Startup founders, MSME (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) owners and entrepreneurs were coached on the Lean Startup methodology in the first stage of the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Welcome Room. By focusing on such a methodology, the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Hospitality Room sought to help business owners accelerate growth and reduce process waste in their operations.

“Shell LiveWIRE is here to be a strong partner, mentor and support system for growing and motivated young business owners who continue to propel the country’s economy and development,” said Serge Bernal, vice -President of SPAC Corporate Relations. “The virtual room will allow them to become a lean and efficient team, teaching them effective methods to scale their businesses in an ever-changing business landscape, enabling them to become leaders and innovators in their field.”

Cindy Burdette, CEO and Co-Founder of ALLCARE, and Robi Del Rosario, Founder and Chief Urban Farmer of UPROOT Urban Farms, mentored startups and MSME owners during the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Room on Lean Startup Methodology. These industry mentors aimed to help startups and companies achieve higher levels of success by passing on their knowledge, experience, and other learnings.

“Everyday [in business] is a challenge and a struggle. No entrepreneur embarks on a journey fully prepared and knows what challenges to solve,” said Ms. Burdette. “My goal is to share what I’ve done so you don’t have to go through the same thing.”

The Shell LiveWIRE VIrtual Homeroom Lean Startup Methodology module enables companies to shorten development cycles while testing their viability. Its principle is that companies that invest their time to develop products and services in this method can help reduce market risks, costly product launches and financial failures.

“[Lean Startup Methology] helps get your product to market and then lets you see how it’s doing and how viable it is,” Del Rosario explained. And since limited funds are the “critical thing” emerging startups face, this early assessment of startup supply can be fundamental to business development.

Startups and MSMEs can gain a significant growth advantage with the right capital, experience and connections in their particular sectors. However, one of the reasons some startups fail is due to a lack of expertise from emerging leaders and the workforce, underscoring the value of mentorship and guidance from a network of peers and experts. industry to help them.

By providing such valuable support, Shell LiveWIRE helps businesses with the resources they need to evolve and become resilient and sustainable.

Shell LiveWIRE is offered in 15 countries to selected start-ups to improve their systems and capabilities, as well as to provide them with opportunities to be included in the Shell value chain.

Mr. Bernal of PSPC assured that “Shell remains committed to helping Filipino startups and businesses adapt, innovate and thrive.” — Chelsey Keith P. Ignacio