The EU program recently accepted Complete Organics, CUBIQ FOODS, Aliga Aps and Verdify – from Germany, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands, respectively – as part of its latest selection of members, selected from among 130 candidates.

The network helps emerging companies grow their businesses by providing access to expert support, funding and marketing opportunities. Members can test new ideas in the market, interact with partner companies and connect with potential investors.

RFS Director Narjis Chakir comments: “Making meaningful connections and raising the profile of members internationally will be our top priorities this year. I look forward to working together to create more stories of success and impact in the agribusiness space.

Protein Diversification

The RFS was developed by EIT Food, a European network of organizations and partnerships that supports business innovation in six specific areas, two of which focus on nutrition: protein diversification and targeted nutrition.

The diversification of proteins responds to the problem of the overproduction of products of animal origin and its environmental impact. As such, the program targets “high impact” agribusiness start-ups with viable sustainable solutions, such as meatless alternatives.

There are currently eight RFS members working in this area, including Aliga Microalgae and CUBIQ FOODS.

The first is a Danish food technology company and a leading producer of microalgae in the Scandinavian region that develops, cultivates and produces functional, protein-rich Chlorella algae ingredients for human and animal feed and dietary supplements.

Made from fermented and dried Chlorella algae, the ingredient is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, amino acids and fatty acids, and chlorophyll-free, with enhanced organoleptic properties that neutralize flavor and color, this which makes it versatile in a range of food applications.

CUBIQ FOODS, on the other hand, produces healthy functional fats for food applications as a replacement for animal fats and saturated vegetable oils. The company is also developing omega-3 enriched algal oil and sustainable omega-3 fatty acids based on cultured cell systems.

Targeted nutrition

According to the EIT, targeted nutrition improves global understanding of the risk of malnutrition, obesity and disease and ensures that nutrition products, services and information target those who need them most and “represents a promising opportunity for consumersas well as for medical and food production purposes.

EIT is actively supporting seven small companies in the area of ​​”targeted nutrition”, including the Belgian predictive and personalized food and flavor platform, FoodPairing, and the Swedish liquid oat fiber developer, Glucanova.

The last two born offer equally innovative concepts that should appeal to consumers. Verdify has developed an AI-powered nutrition platform that provides personalized recipes based on user profiles and based on individual requirements and preferences.

Complete Organics, on the other hand, produces sustainable fermented vegetables without preservatives, colorings or flavorings using green energy. Organic ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible, and supply chains are fully transparent.


EIT Food is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) – an independent European body created in 2008 to encourage and develop innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.

Around 46 companies across Europe are currently members of the RFS, including five UK-based and two Israeli start-ups.

Applicants are recognized for their innovative business ideas and meeting eligibility criteria, such as paying customers or participation in a paid pilot, and must be strategically prepared for global expansion in order to be selected.