• The AIC T-Hub Foundation Program Semiconductor Cohort is designed to help a group of promising semiconductor startups drive innovation in this field.
  • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog partnered with T-Hub to create the AIC T-Hub Foundation and launched three cohorts focusing on healthcare, mobility and sustainability.
  • Selected startups will benefit from expert-led workshops, expert mentorship, market access, and connection to investors and industry.

T-Hub, which leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem, today announced the launch of the semiconductor cohort of the AIC T-Hub Foundation program to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the semiconductor industry. The program is designed to help entrepreneurs meet the challenges of scaling startup through expert-led workshops, expert mentorship, market access, and investor-industry connection.

This is an intense six-month cohort-based hybrid program that will mentor 20 startups with potentially disruptive technologies that could reshape semiconductor supply chains in the future. Startups will be selected based on technology innovation, market readiness, scalability, and team composition. Interested startups can apply here, and the closing date for applications is September 5, 2022.

MSR, CEO of T-Hub, said, “Indian engineers have contributed massively to the semiconductor industry while working with global companies. Therefore, we need to help them set up and scale their design startups with strong ecosystem support. T-Hub and AIC, along with other ecosystem enablers through this program, attempt to provide semiconductor startups with access to appropriate mentorship, funding channels, and networking opportunities.

The program’s semiconductor cohort will ensure that selected startups receive personalized consultation for product commercialization and market access with the help of global industry mentors. T-Hub and AIM will help startups establish government connections with Indian Semiconductor Mission (ISM), Semiconductor Complex and GAETEC (Galium Arsenide Technology Center) for rapid compliance, certification and testing for seamless go-to-market. T-Hub partners like the Central Institute for Tool Design (CITD) and Qualcomm provide startups with free access to Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools for front-end and back-end Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) development and evaluation platforms to design, validate and simulate factoryless designs. In addition, T-Hub and AIC, as well as the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and IIT -Hyderabad (Indian Institute of Technology), will help startups take advantage of free access to the Multi Project Wafer (MPW) shuttle. This will allow them to prototype pre-production semiconductor designs, verify IP, and characterize device performance with a fast and inexpensive feedback loop.

Rajesh Adla, CEO of AIC T-Hub Foundation, said, “Semiconductors are more strategically and economically critical to the world than ever, and we need to dramatically increase research, innovation, design and production facilities to support the future growth of our industry. Our program is a much needed initiative that will play a key role in helping startups accelerate their products and solutions, improving India’s position in the global semiconductor market.

Startups will be supervised by researchers, namely Venkata Simhadri by MOSCHIP, Pradeep Vajram of AlphaICs, Muthukrishnan of SAFL (Accelerator lab without semiconductor manufacturing), Sagar Pushpala from Orcha Systems and other elite institutions like INCeNSE of the Center for Nanoscience and Engineering (CeNSE) for rapid product architecture. Startups will also have a chance to get a free interface with semiconductor foundries and assembly houses to manufacture, test and simulate IC prototypes.

Startups will have access to T-Hub’s network of premium service providers and global pool of investors, including HNIs and banks, for debt or equity financing to access capital needs and to invest in the product. Moreover, T-Hub will help them with government grants, funds and incentives, like T-Fund, SISF (Startup India Seed Fund), Meity and ISM for quick monetary gains.

T-Hub’s programs have successfully scaled startups in partnership with a strong ecosystem of partners. T-Hub, to date, has impacted over 2,000 startups through various programs and initiatives, has over 600 global and national corporate partners, and has provided 2,000 connected mentors to help the startup grow.


T-Hub (Technology Hub) is an innovation hub and ecosystem facilitator. Based in Hyderabad, India, T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem. With a mission to enable and strengthen an innovation-hungry ecosystem, T-Hub creates impact for startups, enterprises, and others in the innovation ecosystem. Incorporated in 2015, it has provided over 1800 national and international startups with access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, companies, investors and government agencies. He elevated innovation for major national and global companies, transforming their business models for the better. Working in collaboration with partners and innovation enablers in Telangana, India and around the world, T-Hub is building a future-ready innovation ecosystem.


Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) intends to support the creation of new, entirely new incubation centers called Atal Incubation Centers (AIC) that would help innovative startups grow into scalable and sustainable businesses. AIM will support these AICs in creating world-class incubation facilities across the country with state-of-the-art physical infrastructure, in terms of equipment and operating facilities available for their incubated startups, coupled with the availability of sector experts for mentoring. . Apart from this, business planning support, access to seed capital, industry partnerships, training and other relevant components needed to support innovative startups will be provided.