Girl Scouts unveil a new cookie

Published at 00:00 on Monday, September 5, 2022

Raspberry Rally will help empower girl entrepreneurs in Kentucky; Available exclusively online

LEXINGTON, KY – Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road and Girl Scouts of the USA announced last week that the new Raspberry Rally cookie will be joining their lineup for the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie season.

The Thin Crispy Cookie is a ‘sister’ cookie to the beloved Thin Mints, infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the same delicious chocolatey coating. This new must-have cookie will be the first in the Girl Scout Cookie range to be exclusively offered for online sale and drop shipping only, enhancing online sales and girls’ entrepreneurial skills.

Kentucky Girl Scouts will offer the ability to place an online order for the Raspberry Rally cookie starting Dec. 12, alongside Kentucky favorites like Thin Mints, Adventurefuls and Caramel deLites.

Cookie Season is an exciting annual event for Girl Scouts in Kentucky and across the country.

All proceeds from in-person and online cookie sales stay local and are truly girl-focused, with 19% going to camp programs and properties, 19% troop income and rewards, and 33% going to the membership, volunteer development and program support. Girl Scout Cookie sales represent more than 80% of GSKWR’s annual operating budget, supporting vital programming that leaves a lifelong impact on future female leaders in Kentucky.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, the largest female-led entrepreneurial program in the world, encourages girls to take risks, think outside the box, and be confident in their own abilities. Whether striving for their Cookie Goal Setter badge as a Daisy or their My Cookie Business Resume badge as an Ambassador, Girl Scouts learn qualities crucial to all forms of leadership and life skills.

The program includes understanding of the world of business, money management and entrepreneurship. Cookie Business badges range from setting goals, learning effective in-person and online sales pitches, using market research, creating business plans, and implementing implementation of digital marketing campaigns. “Girls gain real-world exposure to budgeting, customer service and money management skills through cookie sales, helping them become financially empowered community leaders,” said Susan Douglas, CEO by GSKWR.

Ways to buy cookies and support Kentucky Girl Scouts

For the 2023 cookie season, online sales start December 12 and in-person sales start January 1; Girl Scouts of Kentucky will market their business online through the Smart Cookies platform.

This online tool offers direct shipping and local delivery for all cookie orders. Customers can also use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, a platform that highlights where local girls will be hosting in-person cookie stalls after Jan. 30. Booth sales run from February 3 to March 26.

For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie financial education program, visit or contact Carolyn McNerney, Director of Product Sales to [email protected] Go to “Find Cookies” to locate a cookie stand or connect with a Girl Scout troop in your area.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road serves more than 8,000 girls and young women in 66 counties in Kentucky and Lawrence County, Ohio.