While Sorkin likes to keep things fun and light, success is not easy for him. Although she briefly attended college, she failed seven times in algebra due to a learning disability and dropped out. She quickly got a job at the headquarters of her childhood summer camp in New York City, which she loved very much, but was fired for being distracted by boys and partying. Distraught but resolute, she moved to California to refocus her intentions and become an event planner.

Even once she found her niche, Sorkin faced setbacks. Her initial foray into the event world was successful, but the entire industry came to a halt after the 2008 economic crash. Even though Sorkin still had a few clients, she threw entire parties for them, just to make them say they would do it themselves for a lower price. Nothing was working, so as a side business she even invested thousands of dollars in a clothing line – which never came to fruition.

Luckily for Sorkin, her big breakup was right on the other side, but she had no way of knowing it at the time. In an interview with Small Reality, Sorkin said, “I’m the proudest 14-year-old to never give up, though I want to and can have it over and over. Just keep going – my mantra forever.” His story proves that our setbacks do not have to define us, and that it is always possible to get up after a big failure (or three, or four).

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